Why is WordPress a Good Platform for Developing Websites?

Selecting a platform is one of the essential and most critical decisions a company has to make for their new website development. The Content Management System (CMS) picked will assist in determining how well your website will run, enabling the customization options accessible to you. With all the likely options out there, however, it can be straightforward to feel confused.

Luckily, there is one alternative that is in safe hands in almost any of the scenarios and that is WordPress CMS. This platform is free, open-source CMS with a precise framework for developing anything from a blog to a website and a flourishing eCommerce portal. You can hire WordPress Developer cost-effectively, and you would be sufficiently flexible to accommodate all your particular requirements.

Is WordPress easy to use? If you are still not sure, let’s explore rock-solid reasons why WordPress is the best CMS preference and why WordPress is good for SEO so that you can make a more conversant decision.

WordPress Platform Is Free and Open-Source

One of the significant selling points of WordPress is that it is a free and open-source platform. You can check it out with the freedom of not paying for it, and also over time, there will be a nominal cost to maintain it. It offers you modernized features and functionalities, including different themes, plugins, and tools that are equally competitive to other paid platforms.

Why WordPress is good for SEO

WordPress is a highly SEO friendly platform. In particular, On-page SEO, the platform facilitates you to take care of a lot of vital components.

  • Appropriate HTML markup: WordPress offers users HTML pages that are effortlessly understandable by different search engines. The newest generation of themes has even been in full swing to take benefit of HTML5 and the enhancements it brings on the table.
  • Friendly permalinks: The platform comes with the capability to utilize permalinks. So, the links to pages and posts can have keywords so different search engines and online visitors quickly understand the content.
  • Metadata is simple to handle: The SEO titles and metadata enhances how search engines infer the application of your website. When you utilize WordPress, you can get a plugin like Yoast SEO, which easily enables you to add metadata to all the pages or posts in a quick time and without any complexity.
  • Trouble-free content creation and modifications: Content has turned as a unique tool to stand apart in different search engines. WordPress makes creating and editing quality content as simple as using a word processor. The rich multimedia content, like images or videos, is also easy to upload.
  • Optimization of images: In addition to adding pictures and other visuals to your created content, the WordPress visual editor also facilitates you to optimize them through ALT tags, descriptions, and many more features.

And these are all necessary features and functionalities found in the core product. We have not taken into anticipation all the other advanced stuff. You can have modernized features that have to hire a WordPress developer who can expertly guide you.

Range of Different Themes and Plugins

You can find themes for precise categories of sites, fully packed with all the design components you want for better performance. These options enclose photography-based themes, business themes, online store themes, themes for different industry arrangements as well as multi-purpose themes.

The same is applicable for several plugins; there is a specific tool for the entire feature set you desire. It incorporates plugins for contact forms, free forums, digital and social media integrations.

Complete Capacity to Develop Quick-Loading Website Portals

These days Google has increased taking care of website loading time. This scenario is especially real for mobile sites; the time it takes for websites to appear on mobile or desktop screen is a crucial indicator of higher quality.

Moreover, the WordPress website will be rather quick to load with their benchmarked configuration. But it is seen that if you use it imperfectly, WordPress sites can get slower in actuality. However, if you choose a quality theme, use proper hosting, and follow best practices, the website speed shouldn’t be a problem.

Mobile Optimization Now almost a Compulsion to Perform

By now, all themes that want to be customary into the WordPress directory almost compulsorily require to be mobile optimized.

This scenario is because mobile devices have taken a charge form the use of desktop computers mostly everywhere. And where Google is very voiced about utilizing mobile-friendliness as a ranking criterion, no site should be devoid of it.

Enabling higher Levels of Security

One of the top ways to boost search rankings is to secure your site from spamming, viruses, or getting attacked in some other way. However, if infected, you might find your website receiving a penalty from Google.

However, the WordPress platform is highly secure and safe with continuous monitoring as well as regular improvements. The WordPress security teams are active and remain on top of pieces of stuff and, should susceptibility be sensed, will enable a security update right away, which WordPress will facilitate automatedly. Besides, you have multiple security plugins to pick for your WordPress website. Additionally, if you are busy or have limited security knowledge, you can hire a WordPress developer to implement security features.

WordPress Offers Unmatched Support

Even though with the help of an effective CMS like WordPress, building a site is still a task to be implemented successfully. This scenario is principally real if you have never managed this before. Luckily, WordPress has a significant and booming community of users at all proficiency levels. Enabling help in the form of blogs, guides, tips, or direct assistance is easy to deal with through its community support.

Key Takeaways

WordPress has been in the industry now for over a decade. And none of that period has gone to misuse. This leading open-source CMS platform has built a robust and enthusiastic community that even today makes sure it remains easy to use, safe, supple, highly functional, and updated. Linking the significant features of WordPress and uncountable themes, as well as plugins, are accessible to enlarge this unique platform, every task is possible using it.

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