Why does a Mobile App need SEO in 2022?

Why does a Mobile App need SEO in 2022?

It is not sufficient to just create a mobile app and upload it to the app store. You must execute ASO, or app store optimization, in the same manner that any website must be optimized in order to show in search results.

ASO is frequently referred to as “app SEO”. To some extent, this is correct, yet the techniques for the two are vastly different.

We’ll look at why apps need SEO and how they might benefit from it in this piece.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

The process of optimizing a website for SERPs is known as search engine optimization. Essentially, it seeks to ensure that consumers may locate the site using all relevant terms and keywords in search engines. ASO can be thought of as a subset of SEO because it focuses just on apps. The latter is more comprehensive in that it covers a wide range of SEO strategies and tactics.

It covers topics such as link building, on-page optimization, keyword selection, Google penalties, no-follow and do-follow links, blogger outreach, ad placement, social sharing, and so on.

It also takes longer to achieve the same results than ASO.

What is App Store Optimization?

The act of ensuring that your software is discoverable in stores such as the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store is known as app store optimization, or ASO.

It also aspires to improve rankings on each of these key platforms. More people will download your app if they can find it naturally and organically.

Several critical elements must be considered when optimizing your app, including:

  • Adding explanation videos and images 
  • Securing favorable reviews 
  • Ensuring 5-star ratings 
  • Writing wonderful descriptions 
  • Localizing for different nations

Does your App need SEO?

You might be surprised to learn that just 40% of apps are discovered through app store searches. The remaining 60% originates from different sources and platforms. Friends, relatives, company websites, colleagues, advertisements, and other search engines all play a role in how people locate your application.

That is to say, if you want your app to be discovered by a larger number of people, you must search beyond the ASO. You should also think about a standard B2B SEO approach.

According to the same data, one out of every four people finds the app through a web search. That means you’re missing out on nearly 27% of organic traffic from sites like Google and Bing if you don’t pay attention to search engine optimization.

Advantages and Importance of Mobile SEO and ASO

If you’re still not convinced about the value of ASO and SEO, the following statistics will convince you that it’s time to pay attention.

More organic installs mean the acquisition cost will be smaller

Paid advertising is not a long-term approach for increasing instals. This is why you require ASP. Software store optimization ensures that your app gets seen, discovered, and downloaded by more people in a natural and organic way. The acquisition costs will be nearly negligible if done correctly.

As a result, don’t expect that simply publishing the programme to the store would enough. You should focus on optimizing it for both the app store ecosystem and search engines.

Allow Similar People to Discover your App

Pay close attention to the word ‘relevant’ in this sentence. The proper type of users can view and download your app thanks to app store optimization. It’s pointless to have people find and download your app or service if they don’t need it. It will be detrimental to both them and your company.

There are other mistakes you can make, such as neglecting to include the appropriate category or failing to adequately define what the application performs. ASO chooses the best keywords for app optimization so that only the most relevant users can locate and download your app.

Better Revenue

Subscriptions, advertisements, and in-app purchases are all options for monetizing your app. When you use numerous ASO tactics, you may increase the amount of downloads and so broaden your revenue stream.


ASO provides consistency in the sense that it guarantees long-term results without requiring you to spend large sums of money on marketing on a regular basis. The issue with paid marketing is that it quickly runs out of funds. After then, the number of downloads will decrease.

The effects of app store optimization are predictable and cost-effective. There is no other long-term promotion/marketing approach that is as effective and steady.

Should You Combine Mobile App ASO and SEO?

On the Apple App Store, there are about 2 million apps, while Google Play has around 3.3 million. By launching an app, you can see what kind of competition you’re up against.

We said before that ASO is similar to SEO in that it focuses on apps. However, if you want the best of both worlds, you must combine the two to achieve the finest outcomes.

By combining these two gimmicks, you’re effectively expanding your horizons by securing more opportunities to market your software through as many sources and channels as feasible.


If you do decide to design and publish your company app, make sure you have a sound optimization strategy in place. There’s no denying the importance of SEO for mobile apps. However, integrating ASO and SEO can help your business tremendously.