Why an Email Builder can Speed-up Your Marketing Efforts

Why an Email Builder can Speed-up Your Marketing Efforts

We know that the right email can offer an ROI of up to 4,300 percent. However, very few businesses are able to enjoy such high returns as emails need to be crafted with a lot of care, otherwise, they do not offer good returns.

Thankfully, there are now a bunch of websites and services that allow you to edit ready-made templates and create highly-rewarding email campaigns.

In this Postcards review, we’ll have a look at one such product, Postcards by Designmodo.

Designmodo is a good name in the field of website composition and web-based tools. The brand has discharged various items, all offering extraordinary advantages. Postcards is one of their lead items. It is basic and simple to utilize, consequently there is almost no expectation to learn and adapt.

According to Designmodo, over 9,000 companies are using Postcards including Yahoo!, Microsoft, NASA, Gmail, IKEA, and Nike. So, is it really worth a try or should you rather give it a miss?

Let’s dissect:

Drag and Drop Intuitive Builder

One of the platform’s main selling points is its intuitive builder. We used it to design some emails and were impressed with what we saw.

You do not need to know or understand coding or difficult procedures in order to create your first email. The platform gives you all that you need. Plus, it makes management easy. You can save incomplete projects and resume work whenever you want to.

Here are some of its main features:

900+ Fonts

The builder allows you to be creative by offering a huge variety of Google fonts. You can choose different fonts for different sections of the newsletter. It has almost all the popular fonts in addition to some most of us have never seen before.

Y.Module System

This system makes it a breeze to design emails. It lets you customize, rearrange, and stack creative options very quickly. You can choose from different available choices and pick the one that suits you the best.

Mobile Ready

Since more than 50% users now use mobile devices to read emails, it is important that your emails are mobile-ready. Fortunately, Postcards offers mobile friendly results, hence no need to worry about where and how the recipient opens the email. It will work smoothly.

Add Your Content

The system will allow you to add your required images, links, and texts with the help of the easy-to-use visual editor. In fact, it even lets you import images from external sources for self-hosted providers.

We used the tool and didn’t have to face any trouble in adding what we needed. It’s fast and crisp.

100+ Modules: What Do They Offer

The platform allows you to create your own email templates by selecting from more than 100 modules including:

  • Menu
  • Footers
  • Headers
  • Call to Action
  • Ecommerce
  • Transactional
  • Features
  • Content

You get a lot of choices and the only thing limiting you is your own creativity. We tried a mix of different modules and liked what we saw. 

It doesn’t take too long to apply one or several modules and you can see the result right away.


  • There are no limitations on imports and exports
  • You can see a live preview and make changes on the go, thus saving time
  • The platform is quite easy to use
  • Provides retina ready images that look great on all the screens
  • One-click Mailchimp export mechanism is quite useful
  • Comes with a free trial


  • Does not offer ready-to-use templates
  • The huge number of modules and fonts can leave some users overwhelmed
  • Not suitable for individuals


The email templates work on all devices and support all major clients including AOL, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Android, Windows Mail, Outlook Express, OperaMail, Apple Mail, iPhone Mail, iPad Mail, Outlook.com, and Live Mail.

This is great because different users have different preferences. You will not have to worry about recipients not being able to open or view emails correctly.

In addition to this, Postcards can be a good option if you want to use emails for a wider purpose as the tool is ESP-ready. It supports a wide variety of email service providers including MailChimp, MoonMail, SalesForce, Shopify, WordPress, HubSpot, Constant Contact, and Marketo.

Moreover, the company is constantly upgrading the tool so expect it to support more platforms in the future.

Customer Support

Designmodo offers live chat if you have questions about the product. However, it’s only available for licensed users. 

The representatives are quite friendly and will answer all your questions. But, you may have to wait for a little to get in touch with the team as most reps are usually busy.

We recommend that you have a look at their FAQ section. It is well-written and answers pretty much all the questions you may have about the product. However, we do hope there was phone support available.

Pricing: Is It Affordable?

If you are new to the business or want to give it a try before paying for the service then you can try a free demo. It comes with limited features but will give you a good idea about what Postcards is capable of doing. 

Unlike other demos, you do not need a credit card to sign up. The process is easy and will only take a few minutes. In fact, you can even use it without signing up for an account, but we suggest that you do it so that you can get back to your project whenever you want to.

The demo does not end. Yes, you can continue to use it for as long as you want but you will not have access to all the features.

If you are interested in buying the full package then consider one of the two packages:

  • Business: This package goes for as low as $24 per month. However, you can pay yearly ($216) and save $72.
  • Agency: This package goes for as low as $39 per month. However, you can pay yearly ($348) and save $120.

Some features such as direct email preview and multiple brands are only available for Agency members. It might be a little more expensive but can be a good choice if you have several brands and you want to enjoy all the features that the company offers.

Signing up annually may also be good as it will save you a few dollars. However, if you’re not sure, you can use the paid version for a month and then move to a yearly package.

Designmodo is expected to announce some new features soon including Team Access, which will only be available for Agency users.

Note: The company does not offer refunds unless you can prove the software does not work. Hence, we suggest you only buy the paid version if you’re sure you want to use it.

Postcards Review: Conclusion

Postcards is a pretty great tool for anyone looking to create attractive emails that offer a good return on investment. It works without an internet connection, however, you will need a working connection to use some of the features.

The tool is fairly easy to use. Plus, there are tutorial videos for users who need guidance. Sign up for a trial today to see how it works for you.