Who Wins the Battle between Instagram vs. Twitter?

Who Wins the Battle between Instagram vs. Twitter?

For many years Twitter has been a big name in the world of digital marketing. Brands used to flood their news feed with promotional content to reach the maximum number of people possible. Back to the present, Twitter is still a popular social media platform but, its dominance in the digital marketing world has declined to some extent. The social media platform that is giving a tough competition to Twitter is the one and only Instagram. The fight between Twitter and Instagram is consistent and is going on for years. Instagram is a platform where consumers stay, and utilizing this fact, marketers and brands have shifted heavily from Twitter to Instagram. 

In this article, we will continue this battle and discuss which one is better than the other and in what field. 

In Terms of Numbers

First, we will have a look at Twitter. Twitter has more than 300 million monthly users. It has more than 80 percent, active users, on mobile. And there are almost 500 million tweets every day. Now coming to Instagram, Instagram has almost 400 million monthly users. Approximately, 80 billion of content are posted on Instagram daily receiving an average of 3 billion likes per day. So, we can see that Instagram has more active users compared to Twitter and this is the main reason that made a lot of brands shift from Twitter to Instagram. According to Forbes, the count of active users on Instagram offers a brand a huge marketing potential. 

In Terms of Engagement

Instagram is a champion in keeping its audience glued to the app with little or no distractions. When scrolling through a feed you must have noticed that the captions do not contain any clickable links or ads that can lead you to some other websites. This feature makes Instagram the perfect place for online business, by removing all the unnecessary features, the Instagram algorithm has ensured that its audiences remain focused on the posts that are being shared. As the matter of business came up, let me tell you that to increase the reach and engagement of business on Instagram, followers are an essential thing. If you are falling short in follower count you can click here to buy more followers for your business account. 

Now coming to Twitter, you can say that Twitter is quite noisy for your business. While using Twitter you must have seen how your feed gets overpopulated with news articles, blog posts, and other content which you are not interested in. This noisiness creates a huge distraction for the users. Another weak point of Twitter is that lifespan of your tweets is dependent on the number of followers followed by your followers. You might ask how this could be possible. Allow me to explain, suppose, you are posting to promote your products on Twitter and an average follower of yours follows almost 1000 to 1500 others. Your post in such cases is going to get lost in the series of thousands of posts and as more tweets appear in the feed of your followers, your posts will gradually keep on going down along the feed and you must know that the lifespan of a tweet is between 15 to 20 minutes. So there are very high chances that your post gets disappeared before followers could see it.

In terms of Functionality

Twitter does not have much original content, people share links and live updates on Twitter making it a sort of content distribution tool. One thing you must agree that the value of Twitter depends on the content that you encounter on other websites. If people were unable to tweet links then Twitter wouldn’t have gained the popularity that it has gained. Now here you may say that Twitter is better than Instagram because it allows tweeting links using which brands can take their audience to their websites. Yes, your point has a valid standpoint but you should not ignore the fact that Twitter is perfect only for the brands that have a dedicated website or a blog that gets updated with new content frequently. But most small businesses or startups do not have such a website or a blog or may have a static website then using Twitter will be of no use. In such cases, Instagram comes to the rescue. If you do not have a company website to display your product then you can use Instagram to post high-resolution images of your products and if you have a website then you can also add its link in your bio enabling your followers to view your website as well if they want. 

Twitter is all about conversations, and this point takes Twitter a step ahead because Twitter provides a better interaction between the business and its customers. 

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Instagram is more content-focused compared to Twitter. But for small businesses, Instagram is a perfect choice as the inbuilt messaging features enable the followers to communicate with the marketer. Moreover, on Instagram, you can create a business account or convert your existing usual account into a business account. By doing this you will unlock a wide range of analytics tools that will help you to grow your business. The tools enable you to keep a track of how many likes, shares, and comments your posts are getting, what is the time when your followers are most active on Instagram which is very essential for scheduling your posts to get the maximum engagement, you can also know the age group of your followers so that you can design your posts accordingly. 

In Terms of Audience

This is the point where Twitter and Instagram are evenly matched. The users of both the social media platforms belong to the age group between 18 to 29 years. Both Twitter and Instagram are popular among teens.


The battle ends here. So who is the winner? Will Instagram overthrow Twitter? Well, the decision is entirely yours to take. You have to decide on Instagram or Twitter because both have their respective utilizations.