What You Can Do to Boost Online Visibility of Your Investment Property

What You Can Do to Boost Online Visibility of Your Investment Property

In today’s digital age, getting your investment property known online is essential for attracting potential tenants and maximising your rental income. While years ago, it used to be as simple as having a sign up or even putting the property for sale or rent in a local catalog or magazine was common, these have definitely felt out of fashion and are considered “old school.” Sure, you’ll still see commercial spaces with a “for lease” sign or a house with a sign indicating it’s up for sale, but that’s usually as far as it goes. 

So, when it comes to all of this, nowadays, you need to focus on getting visibility in other ways, particularly online. Just in general, when it comes to property investment, this also means that you have to invest time and work into this property; it’s not always as easy as buying a nice patch of land that is the end of that. So, with that said, whether you’re looking to sell or rent out your property, here’s what you need to do to get more visibility. 

Consider Creating a Website

If you own multiple pieces of property, you should do this, but if it’s just one property, then this isn’t going to be such a good idea. Nowadays, one of the biggest marketing principles is going to be creating a lot of awareness and a lot of authority. Technically, a website about the property is a great way to create authority so people will feel assured it isn’t a scam. Nowadays, websites are quick and easy to make, such as using Square Space. 

If you opt for getting a website, then you’re going to need some of the obvious things, such as including high-quality photos, detailed descriptions, rental rates, and contact information. Plus, you’ll need to ensure the website is user-friendly and mobile-responsive for easy navigation on all devices.

Leverage Online Platforms

Specifically, listing platforms is going to be your best bet, and these are honestly going to be way better than creating a website. As mentioned earlier, a website creates authority, but it’s only useful if you have multiple properties. But if you have one or two, then sticking to online platforms is better. Honestly, even if you have a website, you should still list everything on an online platform, too. There are websites such as Zoopla that you can try, but even connecting your property directly to a realtor can help out since they’d be able to also put it up on their website or even list it on multiple websites at the same time. Overall, this is going to be the number one way to get visibility online. 

Always Think About SEO

You absolutely need SEO, and you’re only hurting your investment if you don’t bother considering it. If you flat out don’t understand SEO, then you can always hire a copywriter who excels in it or even hire someone to do all the listings for you and make them SEO-friendly. You can have the best property in the world, but it means nothing if no one can find it, which is why SEO can make a huge difference.