Maximize Engagement with Audience on TikTok

What Should Brands Do to Maximize Engagement with Their Audience on TikTok

TikTok has been hitting the headlines since its launch because of its fast adoption by the young generation, especially by Gen Z. With more than 2 billion downloads, it is now used by more than 800 million users daily. According to a report in Search Engine Journal, the number of monthly active users could hit 1.2 billion by the time 2021 ends. Due to the entertaining nature of the short-form video content posted by users, its rate of engagement is the highest among all social media platforms by far. However, even with this potential, marketers need to know how to maximize their engagement with their target audiences. Some tips:

Short and Simple Is the Best Formula

As is natural, the volume of content on TikTok that users encounter has the effect of making attention spans shorter. Also, the primarily young audience frequenting TikTok has a reputation for not having the ability to focus on anything for long. Since in the world of TikTok, long can be as much as 60 seconds, marketers will do well to keep their videos to a maximum of 15 seconds long. While this may seem a constraint for highlighting brand benefits, it is well established that this is what is being best liked by users.

Use Compelling Content to Hook Your Audience

Since there is a veritable flood of posts by TikTok users, users have a wide selection on the “For You” page. Marketers will need to ensure that their videos have compelling content to be able to capture the attention of their audience. According to experts, if you manage to get their attention in the first three seconds, it is more likely that they will continue seeing the video till its completion. However, in the time you can perfect your content creation process, you can buy TikTok followers for cheap.

Take into Account the Different Demographics

Compared to Instagram, for example, the demographics of users of TikTok tend to be younger and consequently at a different stage in their lives. Because of this, marketers should create messages that go down well with broader demographics, of course with the teens as a focal point for the target audience. Marketers can tailor their brand messages to make them more appealing by taking into account, the values, social media trends, and purchase behavior of these users.

Get the Masses Involved 

Instead of looking at the TikTok audience with a very narrow focus, marketers can do well by considering a broader demographic so that they can create content aimed at inspiring the masses to take action. According to experts, you could end up not exploiting the potential of your market by restricting your messaging to a narrow niche. With comedy being acceptable across all demographics, it is the most popular content genre on TikTok.


To be able to craft a successful marketing strategy, marketers should be spontaneous with their content creation since trends can TikTok can appear suddenly and disappear equally quickly. Engaging in activities that spur users to generate their content can boost brand awareness and engagement while using influencers can give you the reach you want quickly.

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