What Is the Effect of Poor SEO on Your Packaging Business?

What Is the Effect of Poor SEO on Your Packaging Business?

Search Engine Optimization is currently a typical occurrence in the realm of online money-making. People who are interested in this field must undertake a number of things in order to get the most benefits. There are numerous tools, plugins, and hosting companies available to help with the business. However, the individual must exercise extreme caution while dealing with the procedures. One of them is selecting the right type of SEO hosting company. It is critical that this job be completed correctly. Otherwise, it might derail your whole SEO campaign.

The Consequences of Poor SEO

The following are some of the consequences of poor service for your business:

Financial Loss

For starters, it will cost you a lot of money for nothing. A lot of money is usually required for a successful firm. As a result, anytime you engage an SEO hosting firm, you will have to spend a large sum of money. However, if you discover that this is a fraud after a while, you will be unable to recover your money. As a result, you will be at a loss.

Cheated Again And Again

Second, it will expose you to the potential of being defrauded again. This sounds dreadful. However, if you are successful in employing a genuine service, you will not have to repeat the recruiting process. However, if you are duped, you will have to go through the recruiting procedure again. As a result, if you are not careful, you may end up with the incorrect sort.

It may force you to shut your company entirely.

Third, Your company may need to shut down completely as a result. Not everyone has the same mental fortitude to continue working after a setback. Again, some individuals have a limited quantity of money to invest. As a result, such failure may dissuade these individuals from ever attempting this enterprise again.

Make Your Online Marketing Venture a Failure

Fourth, it will make your web marketing attempt a failure. Typically, such terrible sites have a slew of issues. They won’t give you much room. They cannot provide you with the utmost speed required for a successful SEO effort. You will also have to deal with a slew of additional issues relating to network connections and software.

As a result, these are the consequences of poor Search Engine Optimization hosting services. To prevent these issues, you must be very careful and prudent while making a decision. Your prudent approach will ensure your success in this sector.

What Are the Worst SEO Techniques?

In today’s competitive digital industry, strong search engine and Google rankings are critical when it comes to the thin line between success and failure. There are several SEO agencies that can provide and/or optimize your site for you, but when do we cross the line? Well, there are several strategies that I often hear individuals being recommended to do that would really do more damage than good to your site. The following are some of the most prevalent errors:

Stuffing keywords into your title

When it comes to optimizing your site, one of the most crucial aspects to consider is the page names. Because your page titles are where Google and other search engines first attempt to match keywords, it is critical to include your most relevant keywords in the title. However, there is a narrow line between using keywords to describe the page content and jamming keywords into the title. Remember that the title is designed to inform visitors about what they will be seeing; a list of keywords isn’t particularly informative, so keep your title brief, appealing, and legible. Stuffed titles may cause people to avoid your site, resulting in less revenue for you.

Keywords strewed throughout your body text

Remember the adage “content is king.” In SEO terms, it is. Your content is not just what visitors to your site read, but it is also what search engines crawl. We all know that in order to score well for a certain keyword, these keywords must be in your body of content. Taking this too far, however, might have a negative impact on your site’s page rank and the number of time people is willing to spend perusing your site. Who wants to read an article that uses the same term over and over again when it has no place in the sentence? Write organically, and I’m confident the keywords will flow readily into the text; if not, there’s no harm in sprinkling a couple in at the end. A keyword density of roughly 1% is sufficient (1 keyword for every 100 words).

Commenting without using your actual name

This has to be the most vexing backlink-building strategy out there. It hurts me to read, hear, and observe this approach to backlink growth. It’s also amusing that so many SEO firms really encourage customers to do this. What exactly am I referring to? It works by publishing blog comments, changing your actual name with a keyword name, and then connecting to your own website. Believe me when I say this does not work. By default, blog comments carry the rel=”nofollow” property, which means Google does not consider them to be backlinks to your site; therefore, there is no search engine value. When you use your actual name, you get credibility; moreover, if you publish unique and intelligent remarks, people may follow your link to learn more about what you have to say.


This is another vexing tactic I’ve encountered much too often. Cloaking is the process of designing a website such that the search engine sees one thing while users see another. There are many methods for doing this, but the two most frequent are programming and re-directs. Any browser will be irritated and give you a bad reputation if they click on a link for computer games and wind up on a site for shoes.

Emailing link exchange requests

If done correctly, this is a really useful strategy to adopt, but it is also one of the most time-demanding. Many site owners will gladly link to your site if it has original, insightful information that you link to their own. No one will link to a competitor, no one will link to irrelevant sites (which is pointless), and no one will link to you if you are not personable in your approach. Sending the same generic email to many webmasters is very inconvenient and will just irritate them to the point of hating you. Approach sites that you often use (maybe by leaving comments on them) and publish a link to them first. If you have a terrific site, I’m sure they will become happy to connect back to you.

Bad SEO Company Warning Signs

Another big danger is that many company owners are not web-savvy and are unaware of what excellent SEO involves, leaving you subject to slick sales pitches promising the moon for your website. Fortunately, there are some telltale signals of what terrible SEO businesses would say to encourage you to spend money on them, as well as some questions you can ask to see how they respond.

Google Guaranteed First Page Ranking

Whether they are really cranking on the sales pitch, ask them if they can guarantee a top page ranking for you, and if they reply yes, it is a clear indication that they are simply attempting to seal the deal. No company can guarantee a first-page Google ranking, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be accomplished.

Don’t Show You Previous Client Information

The next step is to inquire about other clients for whom they have performed well and achieved a high ranking. Also, get contact information for these individuals so that you can confirm that they completed the assignment. Some SEO businesses may attempt to pass off websites they have never touched as their own in order to persuade you to work with them.

How They Rank For Their Own Key Terms

One of the most telling signals is how they rank for their own important phrases. So, if they are an SEO business headquartered in the South East in Texas, they should be on page one of Google for the phrase ‘SEO Texas in the organic rankings rather than the sponsored listings. If they aren’t, you should wonder how they can be selling SEO if they aren’t even ranking for their own key phrase.

There is no time limit.

Finally, you should ask them how long it will take to bring you to the first page, and the response should be five months or more. This depends on the website and the key terms you wish to use. If they claim immediately or within one month, you should think twice since no professional SEO business would place itself under a one-month time frame because it is improbable that Google would crawl anything within one month.


Don’t take the easy and deceptive way out while optimizing your site. Increase traffic by developing a well-structured site with outstanding unique content and promoting your site in the appropriate manner. These are just a few of the danger indicators that an SEO business may exhibit, and if they do, proceed with caution.

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