All You Need to Know When You’re Starting Your Digital Marketing Agency

All You Need to Know When You’re Starting Your Digital Marketing Agency

Thirty years ago, starting a digital marketing agency would have been impossible, and the challenges will be colossal. There was no reliable medium for marketing, and all efforts might prove abortive.

Fast forward to 2022, spending on digital marketing has increased to $375 billion, and it might reach the moon soon. If you’re thinking about breaking into this field, then know that it is pretty demanding, but it is achievable.

Time has changed! It is possible for you as an individual or a small team to start a digital marketing agency with little help.

What You Need To Know When Starting Your Digital Marketing Agency

1. Learn The Necessary Skills

You can be the next Albert Einstein and still fail woefully in the digital marketing sector if you don’t learn the basics. Of course, your intelligence and creativity will help you a lot in the long run, but without knowing the basics, you will have less experience dealing with clients and the nuances of managing accounts with a massive number of followers.

For a start, you can develop your soft skills, which is 50 percent of what you need to excel in this field. Then, you need to start with accounts with a small number of followers to get the flow before moving to a bigger gig. When you start off with accounts with large followers, irrespective of how slick your sales game is, the client will discover that you lack the necessary skills.

Some of the skills that you require are; building landing pages, constructing content, and messages, implementing tracking, promotions, and learning systems like HubSpot, Marketo, amongst a few.

2. Do Competitors’ Research

The digital marketing field is competitive, and diving straight into it could be disastrous; hence you need to do in-depth research about your competitors to understand them and surpass them.

To do the competitors’ research, you need to use keywords your business will use online and narrow it down to at least 15 competitors. Study how they are marketing their skills and monetizing them so you can fully implement them.

3. Register Your Business

After learning all you need to know, it is time to make it official by registering your digital marketing company. Before you register a company, you need to have decided on the name of your company, design the logo of your company, register the domain name, register with the legal authorities, get an accountant and auditor, and create official business cards.

4. Generate Leads

Generating lead seems to be the toughest, but it is possible with the right method. You can start off with a YouTube channel and create insightful content to attract views and customers; in the video, stylishly introduce your business to the viewer without spamming the content so as to keep your potential customer engaged.

Another method is blogging; post unique and exciting content on your blog frequently and when you notice one is getting more engagements than others, do A/B testing to know where to improve.

Additionally, you can liaise with affiliates to help you find potential prospects, and you give them a commission on how well they deliver.

Then to know more about your customers, you need to do an online survey using online survey software to provide data on them. Also, when you launch a new project, you can use online survey software to get feedback for customers through QR codes, mobile, links, SMS, and email.

Generating leads is the most tedious of all you need to do because you need to learn it before planning on taking a gig. If you can’t do it for yourself, then doing it for others will be impossible.


Decades ago, starting a digital marketing agency would seem like a mission impossible due to the barriers, and now the sector is experiencing a surge due to the rate companies are advertising their products and services.

Digital marketing is a field worthy of embracing due to its high demand and attractive pay, but it is quite challenging. Implementing the tips mentioned above will put you on the right track to solving the problems of many companies while earning a fortune for yourself in the process.