What is Jasper Ai? Pros and Cons of This AI Writing Assistant in 2022

What is Jasper Ai? Pros and Cons of This AI Writing Assistant in 2022

If you are thinking about firing your copywriter and replacing their work with the full power of Jasper AI, think twice before you do so!

What is Jasper AI?

Jasper AI is a virtual writing assistant that allows you to create long pieces of content in just seconds by instructing it with the topic and keywords you want in your text. It makes the copywriting work much faster and easier for the general public.

 At Sonora de Crear, we would love to just create compelling content with the click of a button, and this AI writing assistant promises to boost your writing productivity like never before, but Can Jasper AI replace your copywriter? 

The short answer is: No, it absolutely can’t…. yet

The long and complicated answer would be to wait until its real capabilities are shown. At this very moment, the year 2022, the benefits you can get from using Jasper AI is that your load of work will be dramatically decreased with the help of this writing assistant.

If you have a medium to big volume of content to write, let’s say more than 10 blogs per day, you can see a lot of improvement by using this tool, but here is the catch!

You should not be using Jasper AI to write just a few articles with a couple of paragraphs on it, in that case you won’t be able to account even for the tool cost, let alone make a profit. There is no point in spending 60 to 120 USD a month to make a few dollars down the line with a couple of blog posts.

How much does Jasper AI cost?

Currently you can start with Jasper AI for as low as 49 USD per month, the price in 2021 ranged between 20 and 30 dollars per month, so we can say it has grown its user base by a lot.

This growth is well earned since it has proven its value to content marketers and bloggers that really needed a hand with their content.

How does Jasper AI work?

This tool comes with many templates to choose from, whether you need a product description or a useful AIDA heading, you can aid yourself with just a few clicks.

If you are a complete rookie to copywriting, this can be very beneficial, the short but compelling titles, heading and descriptions will make a difference for your soulless text.

The meat comes with the boss mode and content improver template, which allows you to command Jasper to compose new text based on direct input commands that you write, e.g. ‘’Write 10 examples of the topic’’, this command will instruct Jasper to write 10 bullets of the main ideas about the text provided.

You can even ask to ignore or add certain ideas or topics to better model the output you want. There is also a scriptwriter for YouTube videos. You will find many specific templates for Amazon or Google related content, such as image or product description, headlines for emails or blog posts. 

Is Jasper AI Worth it?

As said before, if your copywriter has a workload of a few articles per day you should stick to the human touch that will have those pieces of content. But if you are planning to move on with a dozen per day you should consider the help of this tool, so once you are convinced to move forward and try Jasper AI, there are some questions you may have about it.

How to write a blog post with Jasper AI?

First you have to be sure about what you are planning to write, what kind of text format and flow you want for your article, once you have decided that, it’s time to command Jasper AI to write it for you.

What you need to keep in mind is that this tool won’t make all the work for you, it is recommended to start writing on your own, giving the assistant an idea about the topic and the style you want to portray, the more text you input the more consistent and relevant the output is going to be. 

Give exact commands about the things you want to keep and what not, for instance, a possible command for this would be: ‘’Write a description about the last paragraph and exclude the rest’’, with this, Jasper will compose a description of the topics or subject of the last paragraph while ignoring the rest of the text. 

There are some quality checks you need to do before you publish your newly generated text, it is really uncommon for Jasper AI to make spelling mistakes, but it can happen!

Besides spelling and grammar mistakes, you need to look for text coherence. Sometimes this tool may overuse some words or phrases, if you notice that this is happening, try giving it some text to work on or replace the text given.

How to start with Jasper AI?

First, you need to have a clear picture of the output you want, if you need compelling articles that attract traffic or a very accurate product description, those two will have a very different approach when instructing Jasper AI to create our text. So, the main thing to keep in mind would be our final product and we will have to command the assistant to write it coherently.

You can start with small headlines for titles on your webpages or maybe some small post description, try some small ideas first, so you get the taste of what Jasper AI is about.

You will notice, as you start using Jasper AI, that this tool won’t solve all your problems when it comes to content writing, but the real reason to pay for it, is that Jasper AI will enable you to create great pieces of content several orders of magnitude faster, BUT, everything has to be under our supervision and quality control, there is no point on just mindlessly copy the output and paste it on your site, you will have to check and edit the raw result of Jasper and improve it with a human touch, remember that this is just a tool and not a magic wand to forget about writing.