What does GDPR mean for your Social Media Plans?

What does GDPR mean for your Social Media Plans?

What is GDPR?

The full form of GDPR means General Data Protection Regulation. It implies the privacy of your data regulation. Hence this was resolved to provide EU residents control over their private data when their information is accumulated and allocated. Perhaps this regulation affects the way how companies can easily go in search of new clients and utilize their private data. Hence this is the reason how one broadens its social media.

What does GDPR Classify as Personal Data?

General data protection regulation detects anything that has to do with your identity and files as the personal data of the person. GDPR doesn’t only focus on the name of the person but also pays attention to anything that has information or identification about that person.

For example:

  1. Photograph of person
  2. Medical evidence
  3. Bank statement 
  4. Social media accounts 

What Does GDPR do or How Does It Protect?

  1. Getting into someone’s privacy or before trying to get someone in marketing materials they should know about it and it should be transparent and unchanged. 
  2. Whatever they are showing or giving to fill to a customer has to be verified and shouldn’t be agreed upon without the customer’s consent.
  3. GDPR actually has a purpose for the company and customers to be very open and to be one on one conversation.
  4. Permission of the buyer or the customer should be taken via sending them a tick box or a cookie having every related information about there which of their personal data is going to be used or is going to be involved.

What Social Media has to do Anything With GDPR?

The advertisement they show on their social media accounts according to the buyer’s phone search Has everything to do with GDPR.

As we all saw that GDPR collects every information that has something or anything to do with persons identification so when these buyers tries to track the active buyers, send cookies and advertisements on their social media accounts they actually use IP address or MAC address, which is actually comes under personal data for GDPR.

So, the business has to understand that IP address an MAC address also comes under personal data.

Who Does This Affect?

This actually doesn’t affect social media marketers in some way because there is always concerned and wish off a customer or follower to like unlike the pictures and everything to follow unfollow but some of them might go off limits of GDPR rules and that’s when they are in trouble

Some of you might think that getting away with this will not be a problem but actually this regulation is very strict and has to be followed to be extra protective of everyone’s information so it is actually very important topic and one has to be sensitive about it.

This protection system affect technical companies are on line companies who actually advertise their products on social media and who is basically around digital marketing sphere, But still doesn’t know about GDPR and users there followers or buyers information without their consent getting affected due to GDPR.

These are the most three important factors. They have to be alert about the GDPR policies 

  1. Web development company – Creating a website that always shows cookies and takes consent of their customers. 
  2. Mobile app development services – Developing the apps and asking for permissions every time before invading their personal space.
  3. Mobile app development – All the camera, audio and notification permissions to be taken from customer beforehand.

What Precautions do Social Media Marketers have to take to be under GDPR’s Rules?

  1. Always take your customers permission before invading into their any kind of information.
  2. Inform them about the lowest and highest of your companies anything that has to do any business with them.
  3. Always send them a cookie when you are about to make any move that might include their information.

What Are The Social Media GDPR Guidelines For Different Social Media Apps?

  1. Facebook guidelines for GDPR: 
    Facebook uses its internal documentation, privacy supervisions and their in-product notifications to be GDPR obedient.
  2. Instagram guidelines for GDPR:
    As Instagram and Facebook have the same owner so, both of their guidelines are the same for GDPR and they respect the GDPR rules.
  3. TikTok’s guidelines for GDPR:
    Tiktok was violating the GDPR rules so they had something going on, but the TikTok added “Family safety mode” which then neutralize all the beef. 
    Tiktoks were changed because they didn’t follow the rules. 

(This is how GDPR works, you cannot ignore it)

Does GDPR Make Changes In The Social Media Plans?

Many marketers might think of this as a punishment for them, but it is not. You just have to be at your limit and respect other persons personal data and let them be at peace of mind. All the marketers have to create a better web development and respect customers privacy.

And after a research report of the GDPR, it is seen that 31℅ more customers are more relieved and their experience has been quite good Post- GDPR. So, that tastes like success. Instead of fighting back, business and companies should understand it, and be obedient

How To Fit in with the GDPR Rules?

Actually, if we see it is not that difficult. Let’s take an example, would you trust a company you saw on social media that only promotes it’s business and nothing else? No interactions and no entertainment. Just promotion. 

No right? We don’t trust such pages, because they seem to be fake.

So, the advice for the business pages on social media will be that don’t use your socials for just promoting your business, try to be interactive with the followers so they trust you. 

  1. Post some FAQ’s and keep posting entertaining content.
  2. Feature you workers and your customers on you page (with their consent), and give your company an actual identity.
  3. Be active, answer to your followers’ questions and be a reputable company.
  4. Instead of sending them cookies, communicate with them in the comment sections and give them all kinds of information and faith that you have of your company. 

Something For The Customers To Keep In Mind

We all use social media accounts and we follow some or other pages and that is okay.

But remember you should not give anyone any information about yourself unless and until the company has verified the issue. Do not give away your information to just anyone. Do your all research doesn’t get caught in the scam.

Use passwords and two authentication system given in social media account to be more private. This will keep you away from data breaching.


It won’t just happen to any of us but precaution is better than cure.

And to all the social media marketers, try being under the GDPR policies it will get you more trusting customers.

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