What are the 5 major trends for SEO in 2020?

In his recent [eafl id=”18970″ name=”2020 Trends” text=”article”], Oleg Tirers identifies 5 definite trends for SEO in 2020.    Here is a brief summary but you should read the [eafl id=”18970″ name=”2020 Trends” text=”full article”] to get the detail:

  • There is less organic traffic going around –  all those boxes mean that there are less and less SERPs.  What can you do about it?
  • You need to get into one of those boxes
  • Google My Business has changed local SEO forever
  • Google’s algorithm changes mean that technical SEO is less and less important.  Writing for people is the key.
  • Your brand is becoming more and more important as competition becomes fiercer for the fewer spots.

Read the [eafl id=”18970″ name=”2020 Trends” text=”full article here”].