Ways to Protect Your Business from Cyber Criminals in 2021

Ways to Protect Your Business from Cyber Criminals in 2021

Cybercriminals have been on the rise recently as more people have shifted to working online. Due to covid-19, many people are working from home. A report from the FBI shows that as of 2020, there were approximately 4.6 billion internet users- 59% of the total world population. This percentage increased due to the pandemic.

Most people searching for information about the pandemic and vaccines tend to open fraud emails that can lead to cyber-attacks. In 2020, the FBI reported 791,790 complaints of suspected cyber-crime. The latest data has significantly multiplied compared to the 300,000 complaints reported in 2019. The report shows that the fraudsters also target more businesses and individuals.

Additionally, the increase in artificial intelligence technology and the use of machines has seen a rise in cyber threats. The technologies pinpoint to the hackers the vulnerabilities in networks to exploit. To mitigate this, here are some of the ways that can help in preventing your business from attacks.

1. Backing Up Data

Backing up of data helps to recover any data loss if a cyber-incident occurs or any other incident. It is crucial to always back up necessary data regularly. It is easier to back up your data, and it doesn’t cost you much. After backing up, it’s always necessary to regularly check and test if you can restore your data.

In addition, it is advisable to back up data on external drives and store them in another place. Ensure always to disconnect the device from the computer because they can be infected with cyber-attacks. Alternatively, using cloud storage can be ideal for this. It would be prudent if you encrypt your data when transferring and storing it. Such a measure ensures that the external storage device always asks for authentication when accessing it.

2. Securing your Network and Devices

Updating your system is essential. Most of the updates contain security updates for emerging viruses and attacks. The updates will fix more severe security weaknesses, so never ignore update messages. Installing security software and setting up firewalls also helps in protecting your devices and networks from infection and attacks. Fraudsters can use phishing and spam emails to attack your system. So ensure to turn on spam filters. The latter will reduce the chances of your employees opening spam messages.

3. Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

Multi-factor authentication helps in verifying your identity. It prompts you to provide two proofs before accessing your account. It makes it harder for anyone to access your account without your knowledge.

4. Cyber Security Insurance

Consider this insurance to help in protecting your business. The cost after a cyber-attack can be expensive, so having insurance cover is an asset. Before getting the insurance, ensure to understand what it covers first. Alternatively, you can find businesses that offer managed IT security to protect your business cybersecurity. Be sure to choose the right advisor. They should go hand in hand with your needs and your business needs and can understand them well.

5. Training Your Staff on Cyber Attacks

Your staff plays an essential role in keeping your business’s data safe. Employees are the first and last in defense against cyber-attacks. They should know what to do when they are attacked, maintain passwords, identify and report cyber-attacks.

6. Protecting Your Customers

Customer information is crucial thus, keeping them safe is vital. You can face legal consequences if you compromise their information. Invest in providing a secure online environment when performing transactions. Also, secure personal customers information that your system stores. It is always good to display your privacy policies if your business is online.


We can all take action this 2021 and help improve our cybersecurity. In 2021, working from home has become a norm, and cybercriminals continue to be a significant challenge. As per Cybersecurity ventures, there will be a cyber-attack every 11 seconds on companies in 2021. It is expected to cost the world an estimated $ 6 trillion by the end of 2021.

Studies have reported an increase in phishing attacks. With this, the fraudster gains access to your companies and individual data. The purpose of this is to trick you by mimicking a well-known website for you to enter your name and password. Remember, no one is always safe from attacks. So we should all strive for a more cyber-safe 2021.