The Top Factors You Should Consider When Looking for a Fulfilment Provider

The Top Factors You Should Consider When Looking for a Fulfilment Provider

Running an e-commerce business is no joke, especially in these times when competition is fiercer than ever. If you have customers who regularly place orders from your site and you are struggling to fulfil those orders, you may need to rely on a fulfilment service. You may already have a good idea of the benefits you can expect with a fulfilment service, one of which is that it frees up your time so you can dedicate yourself to other endeavours that help your business grow.

 But a good fulfilment partner can give you more than this, as they can help you save money and become more flexible. But how do you know if your prospective fulfilment partner is the right fit for your business? Here are the top factors you should consider when looking for a fulfilment partner.

Look for experience with a similar (or even the same) industry 

As fulfilment experts like suggest, finding the proper fit starts with looking for a fulfilment company that has experience with a similar (or even the same) industry as yours. It would benefit you greatly if you can find a fulfilment service that knows the ins and outs of your industry and has a fair idea of how e-commerce businesses in your industry work and what their requirements are. 

Find one who has worked with similar clients 

The second factor is also related to finding a fulfilment provider who has worked with similar clients in the past. What’s even better is finding a fulfilment company that continues to work with such clients. This is particularly lucrative for e-commerce businesses with precise requirements because you need a partner with the right know-how and idea on how to fulfil your requirements as accurately as possible. You may even work with them to improve your fulfilment practices as they can give you advice and guidance. And if you ever face any challenges related to your niche, your fulfilment company can help you deal better with these challenges as they already have a good idea of the nuances and intricacies in your industry. 

Think about more than just pricing 

It can’t be denied that one of the most widespread problems with shipping is the cost. But whilst it makes sense to consider the company’s prices and select one depending on your budget, you may want to think about more than pricing. You also have to consider the quality of the service they provide because if the quality is lacking, your enterprise can suffer. Whilst price is an important consideration, finding the proper fit is equally vital. Are you willing to face a plethora of dissatisfied customers just because you want to save on your fulfilment provider and have them go to a competitor in the end? Of course, you still want to think about various options and make sure to compare each provider’s rates – but price shouldn’t be the only factor influencing your final decision. 

Assess their integrations and technology

Good fulfilment providers will make full use of technology so they can efficiently fulfil orders. You also have to think about integration, particularly if you sell your products on multiple platforms. Look for a provider with the proper inventory technology as well as order tracking capabilities.