Ways to maximize eCommerce sales by Michael Giannulis

Are you thinking of business strategies to increase your eCommerce business? If yes, then it is just the beginning steps to scale up their company. You will come across several guidelines about things that you should manage first. However, it would be best to cut through the clutter and opt-in for strategies that work for you. 

Michael Giannulis necessary guidelines

Every eCommerce business has a way to find out the best marketing strategy to scale up their business. It will help to optimize the ROI and also increase the brand recall value. Michael Giannulis shares some of the best methods to maximize eCommerce sales. 

  1. Word of mouth publicity works best

Word-of-mouth publicity is an essential part of a business’s marketing strategy. When your business runs smoothly and new customers buy your product, it is natural to get referrals organically. Your customers will promote your products to their family and friends. It is natural for your brand name to come up with recommendations and conversations. Furthermore, you can also ask for reviews and feedback from happy customers. It will help to turn the referrals into a marketing strategy. 

Even though it’s not traditional word-of-mouth, but when positive reviews get listed on a website or in Google My Business listing, it will positively affect your business. It helps more customers to relate and connect to you. And since the reviews are authentic and organic, it allows customers to make a purchase and add to the word of mouth publicity. 

  1. You can create an omnichannel footprint for a useful customer experience

No one likes to get a business ad from a company that isn’t relevant to them. These ads might feel unwarranted, disconnected, and intrusive and results in passive and negative perceptions of a particular brand. Hence, for your online business, one of the ideal ways to create more sales is developing an immersive experience that sends a useful message to customers. It is called omnichannel marketing. Simply put, it is a strategy that gets developed around developing a well-outlined and consistent presence that translates between email messages, social media, website, SMS, and online ads. 

  1. Keep your customers through loyalty marketing

Enhancing your return on investment is simple. You need to select the current customers over the potential ones. The loyal customers will repeatedly purchase from your brand and choose your brand over any other market players. It is necessary to thank them once in a while. If you can manage a thank you card, it will create a world of difference. There are several stories on how brands succeeded in customer retention, using the best loyalty programs. 

As you start, it might not be essential to create an official loyalty program. It is possible to send a coupon for a customer on their birthday or any other offer. However, it might do you good to create a loyalty program that will track and encourage more customer loyalty in the long-run. However, ensure that the costs make sense to your business. 

These are some of the essential strategies that you can count on to increase eCommerce sales and attain more profits.