Ways to Increase Sales Productivity

Ways to Increase Sales Productivity

As a sales representative (or one’s boss), increasing sales productivity is always a priority. Productivity is a key factor in the success and overall health of a business. Sales productivity is measured by the rate at which a salesperson increases the company’s revenue.

The art of improving sales productivity centers on having sales reps efficient with their time. The more productive a representative is, the better the sales and connections with prospects and clients will go. Cultivating those relationships is an important factor in the longevity of a company.

Tracking the amount of time you spend meeting customers, low code platform, emailing, and scheduling meetings can give your insight into sales productivity. As a representative, you want to focus on the actual time you spend selling. It’s important for a manager to keep track of times in order to understand what reps are focusing on and how they can be more productive.

Sales are the basic line of business. The ultimate goal is to sell as much as possible in the shortest time, to maximize revenue. Reps and managers should use this guide to increase sales productivity and reach that goal more quickly.

Train Employees Adequately

Effective sales training sets your team up for success from the start. Doing it properly shortens a new employee’s adjustment time and increases the time they spend doing their job.

Sales training content should be comprehensive and cover enough detail for sales reps. Not only is it valuable to have great training material, it is also crucial that the sales rep reinforces the knowledge with ongoing practice.

More experienced sales reps will be able to mentor new ones and assist in their training, which will be beneficial to the overall sales process. If new hires are trained successfully, they can be effective soon and sales productivity will increase.

Get in Touch

Scheduling weekly or monthly meetings with employees helps increase sales productivity. One-on-one meetings are a perfect time to find out how your employees are feeling. This is especially helpful for new hires that are still going through training.

Use this time to motivate your reps and recognize areas that need improvement. It’s also an opportunity to get feedback on how to be more productive. Your employees will feel they have a voice in the company and you can get good ideas and feedback from them.

Align Marketing and Sales

When marketing and sales are in line with each other, businesses will see a significant increase in sales productivity. If marketing and sales don’t communicate, there may be a disconnect between the two, which will ultimately show up in the company’s revenue.

As a manager, you should encourage your sales and marketing employees to work together, as the two of you can help each other be more productive.

For the sales team, it’s their job to determine which leads are valuable – the quality of leads is always better than the number of leads. That’s when the marketing team needs to make sure they are attracting those kinds of potential customers. Therefore, it is very important that the two teams work together, to close more deals.

Perfect your Tone

As a sales representative it is very important to have a well versed sales field. You need to research your target market and find the pain points. Then present your product or service in a way that provides solutions to these pain points.

Next, taking action is essential. Tell your audience exactly what they can do to fix their problems with your product. Your start-up can be through a free trial, visit to stores, web, etc.

Once the best way to present your product is formulated, you have to test it. You must have confidence and use the correct speech for the sale of the product. It is important to understand the personality traits of the audience or specific details of each client’s company.

This blog on sales communication is a great source for better sales communication that can greatly benefit you in the launch process. Once you’ve perfected your launch, be sure to close deals quickly to increase sales productivity.


As a sales representative, you have a very busy schedule. You need to find a way to organize your daily calendar to get the most important thing done. As a representative, you need to prioritize as it is difficult and unproductive to do everything at the same time.

You need to identify who the most important people, companies, and tasks are to increase revenue and stay productive. In the field, it’s important to be on time for all meetings to keep relationships strong. Significant long-term customers should be at the top of the list, to ensure that they are receiving optimal service. Potential clients should be prioritized after existing clients, because it is better to nurture existing relationships for long-term growth.