Using Customer Feedback for Effective Marketing

Using Customer Feedback for Effective Marketing

Gathering and using the feedback that your customers provide is an excellent way to get a clear idea of what they want, how your company is succeeding, and what needs improvement. Collect data from reviews, surveys, social media, and any place where customers share their real thoughts and experiences. Here are some of the real ways you can put what you learn to good use.

Address Customer Questions

Sometimes your customers uncover flaws in your product or are unclear on the best ways to use it.  Browse through feedback to search for questions that your customers have. Create a detailed response that addresses any issues presented and highlights the best features and usability of your products. For example, point out the added safety of using a security cage ladder as opposed to a traditional model to reduce risk and lower the number of potential accidents.

Know Your Standing

Competition between businesses that offer similar products and services is fierce. Customer feedback can be a goldmine of information to help you understand how your company fares compared to others. Once you know where you currently stand, you can adjust your marketing techniques and even your products to better appeal to your customer base.

Create New Content

One of the best ways to gain loyalty for your brand and build revenue is by consistently presenting valuable new content. This includes new and improved product models, as well as information and interesting news.

Look at customer feedback to get ideas on topics to discuss. Your customers will tell you exactly what they would like to see available for purchase and what they want to talk about. All you have to do is listen and respond accordingly.

Start a Dialogue

Use social media and other communication platforms to start a conversation with your audience. This is a great way to respond to complaints and redirect attention to the positive aspects of your business. It also humanizes your company and shows that you care enough to engage. Find common interests to discuss that include your own company, along with relevant issues happening in your community and around the world.

Improve the Customer Experience

Customers want an amazing CX. Pay attention to feedback to improve the experience of every customer, from their initial contact with your company until after they have made a purchase. Browse accumulated data to make sure you provide all the information required about your products. You could have frequently asked questions sections, a tutorial, or a demonstration, along with a website that is easy to navigate. Ask your customers to share their experience after visiting your website, by using a website feedback survey, or making a purchase so you know where improvements can and should be made.

Recruit Brand Advocates

Another great use of customer feedback to boost your marketing campaign is by identifying potential brand advocates. If you notice an enthusiast customer who constantly raves about your business and promotes your products, consider reaching out to make an official agreement. Finding interested parties to help you spread the word about your brand can boost your sales.

Highlight Excellent Reviews

A simple method to put customer feedback to good use is by showcasing a few positive reviews in strategic places. When you read a glowing review, you might want to include it on your webpage or social media for other potential customers to see. Peer recommendations are one of the top deciding factors when customers are considering making a purchase.

A good marketing strategy reflects the current trends and demands of your customers. Feedback is the best place to access unbiased information that you can utilize in a variety of ways to grow your brand and succeed as a business.