Top 10 Most Remarkable Logos in the World

Top 10 Most Remarkable Logos in the World

We all are part of a global consumer society in which brands and companies compete for our attention at each turn. There are thousands upon thousands of products available today. To stand out, companies pay more attention their visual identity.

There are many companies with unique logos. Some even have special platforms where you can view the design history and see the history of most famous logos.

However, there are a few emblems that are well-known and almost impossible to match.

This article will focus on the ten most well-known logos worldwide. It will also explore the secrets to success in terms of color scheme and shape.

10. MasterCard

MasterCard’s bold, minimalistic badge, one of the most recognizable payment systems on the planet, is based upon a strong combination of yellow, red, and yellow. Red represents courage, passion, joy, and determination. Yellow, on the other hand, is a sign for energy and progress. Here, the circular shapes signify unity.

9. Twitter

Twitter, one of today’s youngest participants, made its logo instantly recognizable around the globe. The silhouette of a white bird perched on a blue roundel in a vibrant delightful shade symbolizes freedom of expression, communication, creativity, and communication.

8. Amazon

The company’s logo and wide product range is displayed in the ecommerce platform’s logo. The logo is a symbiotic representation of a smile, with an arrow pointing from A through Z.

7. YouTube

The white triangle with the pointed right hand corner is the logo YouTube. It’s placed on a rectangle with softened corners.

6. Nike

The brand name is a tribute to the Greek goddess of victory. Caroline Davidson designed the iconic Swoosh logo in 1971. This minimalistic representation of strength, determination, and inspiration. Funny thing is that the logo that became one of the most famous in the world cost only 37 bucks.

5. Mercedes-Benz

The symbol for power over the earth, air, and sea is the three-pointed, star. This logo was first created in 1909 and modified in 1937. It has remained virtually unchanged up to today. Mercedes-Benz’s logo stands for quality and luxury.

4. Google

Sergey Brin, one of Google’s founders, designed the logo design. It has been changed only twice since 1999. The simple inscription uses all primary colors for its letters. Google enjoys playing with fonts. However, the color scheme has remained unchanged.

3. McDonald’s

Jim Schindler designed the McDonald’s “golden arch” logo. He remained with McDonald’s for many decades. Six years after the introduction the original logo, two lines of arched lines form a chic yellow “M”. The simple sans serif lettering was added to the design.

2. Coca-Cola

Frank Robinson, a friend and accountant by profession, created the Coca-Cola logotype. They never imagined that the badge would be so well-known and costly. But you never know.

1. Apple

Rob Janow created the first Apple logo design in 1976, with the striped apple. The logo went through slight modifications in 1998. It became the emblem that is widely known today. This symbol is a symbol of knowledge and reflects Adam and Eve’s humanity concept of enlightenment — perfection.