Using AR & VR content on a WordPress website

Using AR & VR content on a WordPress website

Most digital marketers and businesses are still unaware that WordPress websites allow you to upload 360° content, images and videos. Although everyone can upload a 360° Image, only paid members with Premium, Business, and eCommerce plans can embed 360° videos on their websites. WordPress has shared a detailed guide on embedding 360° photos and videos on WordPress websites. This informative guide also gives a brief explanation on capturing perfect 360° content on camera. It covers one aspect of revamping your WordPress website. With the right AR and VR plugins, you can completely change the look of your WP website. 

These plugins, like any other AR or VR softwares, are built by developers. These VR developers work with tools, such as WebXR Device API, MozVR, JavaScript API, React VR, and Matterport. Out of these, React VR is the best suitable for building VR experiences for a WordPress website. It is a web-based API built by Oculus, a Facebook subsidiary. Instead of using readymade plugins, you can have your own team design a custom plugin better suited to your needs. Those who don’t have a VR developer handy can choose the next best option, hiring one.

That’s one option. But for those who seek to work with the available plugins, we have shared a few plugins. These can help you take your WordPress website to the next level. These plugins allow you to integrate AR and VR technology into all aspects of your website. 

Integrate AR and VR Content With the following Plugins:

Augmented Reality Plugins:

  1. AR for WordPress by Web and Print Design:

With this plugin, you can display your 3D models in an AR interactive environment, highly compatible with mobile phone browsers on both iOS and Android devices. Web and Print Design, the creator of this plugin, offers a separate AR for WooCommerce plugin, which is better suited for online shops that intend to showcase their products in 3D.

  1. Virtooal Try-on Mirror by Virtooal

Today, Virtual Mirrors are at the forefront of online shopping. Cosmetics brands such as Sephora and L’oreal have both stepped into the game. While Loreal has collaborated with retailers such as Amazon, Sephora procured Modiface, a makeup app that now allows users to try on Sephora products and purchase them from the app. 

With this plugin, you can transform your shop into an AR mirror that overlays your 3D products on clients, allowing them to get the complete shopping experience. A visit to Virtooal’s demo store should help you understand the concept by trying out various accessories, eyewear, cosmetics, and jewellery. 

Virtual Reality Plugin:

WPVR-360 Panorama and Virtual Tour Builder For WordPress:

A VR plugin, WPVR  allows businesses to add panoramic images that connect to form an interactive 360 virtual tour that your audience can view from either their handheld devices or computers. The plugin also shares a detailed guideline in the form of a succinct video that will help you implement this tour builder on your WordPress website.

Examples of Existing VR and AR websites: 

We are going to list some fascinating examples of existing Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality based websites to show you what you have been missing.

  1. We Virtually Are:

We Virtually Are, is a VR Service website dedicated to creating 360 films and Experiences. It is also one of the best examples to show you what you can achieve with a WordPress website. When you visit the website, notice how quickly it loads, despite the visually stunning heavy graphics.

  1. Virtualis:

A virtual tour based website, Virtualis offers visitors an opportunity to go on adventures from the safety of their homes. Their colourful website is a statement, a dare to stand out in a world full of monotonous websites. The website itself offers an interactive element with bubbles. Whenever you hover the mouse pointer over the bubbles, you’ll see a beautiful illustration of faraway places, a perfect hook for their customers. 

These are two of numerous VR powered websites, early adopters of a revolutionary technology that is still in its infancy. There are many more examples, a source of inspiration for your professional WordPress websites.

We are listing a few more resources that will give you more ideas about using AR and VR content on your WordPress website:

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