Understanding social commerce and why it is essential for your brand

Understanding social commerce and why it is essential for your brand

If you have been present on any social media platforms recently, you already might be aware about social commerce. This marketing strategy is useful for any business who wishes to sell some kind of products online. 

Through today’s post, we will learn about what social commerce is and why your brand needs to care about it as well. With this understanding, you can decide whether you should implement this strategy for your business or not. 

So, what’s social commerce all about?

Applications like Facebook, Instagram and even Pinterest allow you to directly make purchases from the app itself. That’s exactly what social commerce is – the entire process of finding a product, buying it and everything else related to that is done through a social media platform. 

It’s different from E-commerce because e-commerce is when purchase is done using the dedicated application or website of that business. Social commerce on the other hand, enables you to use the power of social media to gain customers. 

Social shopping is something that people adore so much in the current world, and social commerce uses this to promote business over the internet. 

Why do you need to try social commerce for your business as well?

You understand what social commerce is now, but you still might not get why it should be used for your business. To help you understand the importance of social commerce for business of any kind, let’s talk about reasons why it can be beneficial for businesses in the market :-

  1. You can consistently gain new audiences because of social media. 

Let’s be honest, social media is something that’s booming madly around the world right now. Millions of people are joining some kind of a social platform every day, which means you always have new potential customers for your business. 

With more than half the world’s population already using social media, you have the chance to gain new audiences every single day if you use social commerce. As the business owner, you want to find ways to gain customers quickly as well as organically, and social commerce can help you do that. Exposure to new customers is amazing to make sure that your business has different streams from where you get clients. 

  1. Social commerce enables you to improve search engine rankings as well. 

Your business website is another essential tunnel to get customers and grow online. Social commerce not only enables direct purchases from the social platforms, but it also brings more traffic towards your business website. 

More traffic helps you to climb higher on the search engine results and thus you end up finding more traffic from there. Linking your social commerce posts to your website and encouraging your viewers to share can assist you in reaching a vast audience over the search engine results. 

  1. You can get rid of the friction that’s normally present in the buying process. 

Generally, the buying process over the business website is quite tedious and customers often end up not making it to the end of the process. With social commerce, they get to purchase things they like directly on social media and without going through extra steps. 

The usual customer attention span is even less than fifteen seconds, thus you don’t have a lot of time to waste in reality. Social commerce enables you to gain more revenue by reducing the friction in the buying process and making things easier for your clients. It also makes them interested in making more purchases from your brand in the future as well. 

  1. Businesses get to engage with customers with more authenticity. 

Nowadays, customers tend to turn towards businesses that can build genuine conversations and respond to their queries and issues quickly. With social commerce, you get to meet customers where they are and build genuine relationships. 

Social platforms make it easier for you to engage regularly with potential customers and understand their requirements. Thus, the customers earned through social commerce trust the brand and find it enjoyable to come back for more. It enables you to build authentic business relationships with clients which are bound to last longer. 

  1. Target the mobile social media users much more easily. 

Most people who use social media regularly use it through mobile devices. Since most social apps are already tailored to enhance mobile experience, you also get to target mobile clients for your business. Mobile users are something you can’t ignore when you wish to grow your business online. 

Social commerce makes use of this ease of shopping on mobile devices and enables you to target the huge mobile customer base. It also encourages sharing products over social media and thus brings a different audience towards your business. If your business website isn’t yet focused on targeting mobile clients, social commerce can be another way for you to do that. 

  1. Social commerce makes it easier to be promoted and talked about globally. 

Social media doesn’t mind geographical boundaries and limitations – it makes it possible for you to target a huge audience outside of the locality your business is situated in. And the more people know about your brand, the more chances you have to make it big online. 

Social commerce helps people discuss things with their loved ones on the social platform and then make purchases whenever needed. You get to aim at the audience around the world and ensure that they know about your brand and everything it has to offer. Thus, improving global reach for a brand and bringing a variety of customers is another major perk of using social commerce. 

Conclusion :-

Social commerce is something that is supposed to blend right in with the social media marketing strategy you already have in place. In this article, we talked about the meaning of social commerce and why it’s so essential for your brand to try your luck with this marketing tactic. 

As the business owner, keeping up with the social media boom around the world can be made possible using social commerce strategies. You can also connect to our social media marketing experts for better understanding of this concept and how you can establish this for your business promotion.