Underrated Link Building Tactics that Work Surprisingly Well

Link building is an essential aspect of search engine optimization (SEO). As you amass high-quality links on your website, the task of boosting your search rankings and increasing site traffic becomes much easier.

As such, you toil away at attracting other sites that will link to your content, citing it as a source of valuable information that can benefit their own set of audience. 

Being the expert link builder that you are, you should focus your efforts using a combination of techniques, starting from the tried-and-tested ones down to those that are considered underrated link building tactics in the SEO field. 

They’re called as such because not all marketers are willing to invest their time, energy, and budget in them, perhaps because they’ve already found a formula that works for them and don’t see the need to change things up. 

However, Google itself is a big proponent of constantly reinventing how it serves search engine users with the information they need, so having this kind of mindset can lead to better results for your brand.

Although traditional link building methods like guest posting and skyscraper techniques are ever-effective in SEO, the truth is that they may not be enough in targeting as many audiences as possible to go to your site and check out your content offers.

You should consider that some consumers prefer more interactive types of content, in which case you can work with an industry expert for a Q&A session or an interview type of post on your site. 

Just like with Help a Reporter Out (HARO)—another less common but ultra-powerful strategy to gain links—you’re building your industry authority by providing insightful information to the community in a more exciting and interesting manner.

Read more on why and how you should implement these types of link building methodologies in this featured infographic.

About the Author

Oscar Florea Oscar is Spiralytics‘ “wisest” Online PR Specialist. His outstanding relationship building skills have been honed by years of experience helping companies in all sorts of industries to manage their brand image. This guy eats strategic outreach for breakfast!