Ultimate Market Guide on How to Choose the Best Management Tool

Can you feel the insurgence of e-commerce retail?

Over the past years, we have seen the mind-blowing evolution of the e-commerce industry. Modern-day consumers support the online market as it provides ease and efficient functionality. Day by day, the e-commerce trend is proving its rapid developments and ensuring online businesses a steady growth.

As e-commerce is dominating the market, businesses and their project managers are facing a pile of day-to-day tasks. Nowadays, project managers strive to keep everyone on their team on the same page. But how can they make things easier? Project management tool.

You maybe wonder, what should I look for in a management tool? Does this complement our work environment? These are essential questions to keep you from being overwhelmed in choosing management tools such as project management or a testing tool.

We have curated a detailed market guide for test management tools. Use the list in assessing the best testing tool on the market.

Features of the Best Management Tool

It is overwhelming for project managers to choose the right management tool for their team. The same goes for QA leaders that are in a need to choose a Test Management tool. These tools have various features and functionalities; some of them are similar but there are differences between one product to the other.  It is essential to know the necessary features to have a dynamic tool. Choosing the best testing tool will have an impact on team collaboration, work progress, and delivery. 

Accessibility and Handiness

The first thing is first. As a project manager, you have to know the ease of use of the management software. You would see if it is the best automation testing tool for your team since everyone can use the tool. 

Some management tools that are complicated to understand and requires training to have the entire team on board. It will be an inconvenience to new team members. We all know that there are instances our business requires a complex feature, yet there is software that makes these features simple to operate. 

Thus, consider the accessibility and handiness in selecting a management tool. An intuitive software offers a variety of features that will complement your team.

Budget, Time and Resource Management

You might think of using spreadsheets to manage tasks as you have pulled strings in leading small projects. But, spreadsheets will not help you visualize your resources, schedule, and budget. 

Some project management tools overlap these three aspects– budget, time, and resources. These management applications have a synchronized calendar to help the team schedule and organize their project tasks efficiently. You only have to look at the calendar to determine the resources and budget needed for an event.

The integration of budget, time, and resource offers a real-time progress report of the project tasks.  Thus, the calendar planner will help the team prepare the resources and calculate the budget ahead of time. 

Task Management

Task management is the most awaited feature for management software. As project managers, you need to have the ability to assign tasks within the team members. You can create tasks cards and add completion dates. 

Project tasks with high priorities can be set with deadlines and assigned to team members. More so, the project management tool should have a feature that can sort out tasks by category to have an organized system. 

Furthermore, an equipped management software will send out notifications to the team member assigned to a specific task to remind them of their work dues. 

Security and Data Sharing

Data sharing eliminates work repetition, miscommunication, and lost task projects. With the development of management software, file sharing has been enabled. You can share important files and data internally with the team members.

But, you have to be cautious with this feature. Data sharing is considered an excellent functionality, but it will go to waste if your data isn’t secured. Check the security features offered by the management tool. Experts recommend having the 128-bit encryption for high security. More so, have a dedicated hosting platform to keep the data safe and secure.

Real-Time Report and Data Analysis

Real-time reports will save a lot of time. The management tool collects the previous and present data and creates an analysis report about the expenses, budget, allocation of resources, and performance of the team. 

Most project management tools have default forms for reports and data analysis. You can generate them by customizing the forms. The real-time reports and analysis reflect the current status of the project. 


Project managers need to have all the members on the same page, and this is made possible through constant communication. To avoid work repetition and human errors, excellent communication among the team members is the key. 

The best automation tool has a built-in messaging application that will help the team members quickly exchange information in real-time. Your team does not need to give in long threads of emails.


Everything is summarized in the dashboard. The team can quickly determine the progress of the tasks. Dashboards contain graphs, charts, and visual metrics that will show the project performances. 

Software User Interface

Software visuals may not be a top priority in choosing an efficient management tool, but it helps in making tasks easier. Management software that has a cluttered and poorly organized interface could make it difficult for the team members to navigate. It may hinder the productivity of your team. 

Meanwhile, a clean and simple user interface helps the user experience smooth and gratifying, which makes navigating a lot easier. Look for a well-designed user interface to enhance the team’s productivity and introduce a modern professional environment to the team.

Final Thought

It is overwhelming to have a long list of testing tools available in the market. With the features and functions we have discussed, we hope you can select the best management tool that is suitable for your management team. Take time to determine and try the management tools in your shortlist before making a decision.