Top Logo Design Mistakes That Can Fire You From Your Job

Top Logo Design Mistakes That Can Fire You From Your Job

1 Not Understanding Client Requirements

The first thing you need to understand in any graphic design job is what the client needs. Each client is different and not all of them are able to tell you about their requirements in the best way. That is why you need to ask them questions about things that you don’t understand. This is the only way you can understand the client and his needs in detail. If you are still unsure how the client works, you can get a project manager to handle the client’s work while you focus on designing the graphics/logo for the brand.

2 Logos Getting Rejected Continuously

If your logos are continuously getting rejected by clients, then there is something wrong with the approach you are taking to get the logos designed. It is really important that you focus on what the client wants and if you have the skillet to design that sort of logo design. That is the only way to accomplish better logo success. You can get help for your logo design process from professional logo design experts like Unique Logo Designs or even outsource their tasks if you have bulk work that you can’t do yourself.

3 Using Stock Images

This is the most serious error you can commit. Brochure designers frequently use stock art in the designs to convey messages to their targeted customers, but this is not the case with logo design. A logo must be original, therefore when standard imagery is used in an emblem, it loses its individuality. Because stock photos may be used by anybody, your client’s rival can easily include them into his logo to harm your company’s brand image. As a result, always sketch the icons or visuals for each logo you design.

4 Copying Other’s Designs

The worst mistake you can make is copying someone else’s design. Yes there are many designers that make the mistake of copying what is already available on the internet and then giving it to someone else in vector format. You are just doing a sloppy job. 

The most crucial mistake people make is plagiarism, which I did not mention in my list of six faults since it is a universal no-no for all sorts of creative individuals such as painters, brochure designers, graphic designers, authors, and so on. While it may be enticing to replicate someone else’s concept, it is not a moral practice. Always try to come up with something unique so that you may be proud of your job.

If you really want to copy the design, do it with some alteration so that the viewer can’t automatically detect that the logo you just made is a replica of something else. You can change the design’s shape; make it more appealing to the users or something that gives a better feel to the logo you are making for the client. We have seen replication of logo design ideas in medical and hospitality industries. These are two industries where logo designers fall short of ideas.

5 Designing in Raster Format

A logo must be created with tools such as Adobe Photoshop, which can generate visuals in vector files. A vector graphic may be readily scaled. You can magnify it as much as you choose without sacrificing information, whereas raster images get digitally altered as they are magnified.

6 Creating Complex Logo Designs

The design will appear in print ads, stationery, banners, and a variety of other locations. The customer will scale it to his specifications, and too many specifics may cause issues during scalability. If a picture has too much information and is made unique, the letters may become unreadable when compressed. As a result, it is critical that the design be kept as basic as possible.

7 Poor Color Choice

There really is no question that a logo design must be vibrant; yet, if the design loses its charm without any of the colors, this is a severe issue. If a logo is presented in monochrome, it is your failure as a graphic designer if it fails to impress readers or if they simply do not identify the company. As a result, always build the basic design in black and white and then apply color schemes to ensure it looks great even without them.

8 Bad Typography Selection

Typography is another area where logo designers often make mistakes. Choosing irrelevant logo typography for the design and then sending it to the client is akin to getting rejected in the first go. If you have selected typography for your logo design and are not sure if it is the best, then ask your peers. In most companies, more than one logo designer is working on different projects. Asking your peer to take a look at your logo can help you learn the perspective of others. They can even provide you constructive criticism on improving your overall logo design aesthetics.

9 Using LLC in Logo 

Furthermore, many small firms make the mistake of including terms like Inc, Corp, or LLC in their logos. They frequently do this to appear larger or more authoritative. In actuality, though, it only makes the logo cluttered and difficult to recall. Consider your top five brands. Do any of them use the terms “Inc.” or “Corporation” in their logos? Is there a tagline in any of them?

Don’t make the mistake of adding too many details within the logo design. No one wants to know whether the business is an LLC or a proprietorship. People that are interested in such information can always look for that in the company’s documents.

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