How to Improve UX/UI Design of a Mobile Application

How to Improve UX/UI Design of a Mobile Application?

Why is it necessary to improve UX/UI Design of an application? 

One of the major changes in the recent decade is the use of mobile applications and how they have been able to become the most commonly used object. People all over the world have mobile phones as these devices are being considered a necessity. 

The use of mobile phones has been so great that many businesses have started using mobile app development companies to create the best applications for their businesses. In all of this, users have started to stop using those applications which are not up to their standards. It has become compulsory for an app developer to improve UX/UI Design in order to attract a maximum number of users. 

Unlike the last decade, where there were only a few options to choose from. App stores and play stores now have hundreds of applications to choose from. Each category has many brilliant applications, which has increased the competition amongst developers. Developers are now looking for the best ways to improve UX/UI Design in order to catch the attention of the user.  

How to improve UX/UI Design? 

Luckily as many people are working towards the same question, there are many ways that you can improve UX/UI Design. The strategies and tactics allow the user to feel happy while using the application. This will also mean that the user will keep your application downloaded longer on their smartphone. As you read on, you will find a few of the ways how you can improve UX/UI Design. 

4 Best Ways to Improve UX/UI Design

  1. Make the application accessible

Once you have decided the platform that you will be using while creating the application, you should keep in mind that the app will be accessed on different devices. This means that your application should be accessible and compatible with different screen sizes. With so many models available with different screen sizes, it is best if you are working to make your access for all users. 

  1. Research is important

You must have a target audience when you are designing your application to improve UX/UI Design. The important thing is to research as much as possible about your targeted user. You should be able to find the preference of the user while at the same time incorporating your findings into the design. This can have different colors, patterns or even images. 

  1. Run beta testing

When you test your application, there are many advantages that you can benefit from. By asking the users to give feedback, you will see what the application is missing. You will be able to incorporate the feedback into the app and allow yourself to improve UX/UI Design. This will allow you to check whether the application has any bugs or not while at the same time improving design and even content. 

  1. Whitespace is necessary

Sure, a blank canvas does not look attractive to the naked eye, but nor does one that is completely colored. White space is necessary to provide the perfect contrast that makes the screen appealing. You need to make sure that you keep your design simple and allow for whitespace for improvement in user experience. 


It is very easy to improve UX/UI Design of any mobile application. All you have to do is listen to the requirements of the user. A user wants an application that runs smoothly, does not take a lot of time to load and is able to easily navigate the entire application. 

Author Bio: Ellie Singh is a professional application developer working for a renowned mobile app development company. She likes to help young designers and writes blogs to guide them as much as possible.