Top 9 HVAC Marketing Strategies: Attract More Leads And Grow-Your-HVAC Company Easier…

Top 9 HVAC Marketing Strategies: Attract More Leads And Grow-Your-HVAC Company Easier…

The heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) industry is a competitive one, with approximately 118,636 businesses in the US in December 2021. Therefore, as a company in the HVAC industry, you need to establish a stable customer base to thrive steadily. Continue reading this piece to learn the top HVAC marketing strategies that will help you get more customers, leads, and sales for your HVAC business.

Problems like lack of training, high cost, keeping up with technology, and client retention are common in the HVAC industry. As it grows, the industry faces a skilled labor shortage due to a lack of training. Special policies and training programs can help eliminate this issue and improve productivity and work quality. 

Additionally, HVAC is a high-cost business that demands using the latest technology and equipment to maintain its position in the industry. However, technology is expensive, and the damage can be even more so. Not to mention, most people can be unfamiliar with how to use certain machinery.

Plus, your clients can often have more demands. They do not tolerate delays and are quick to switch to other companies if they think that a company cannot provide them with the ideal service. This makes meeting the client’s expectations essential to build trust and ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Best Marketing Strategies Your HVAC Business Can Use Today

Getting a steady flow of clients in the HVAC business can be challenging, especially since the industry is so competitive. That said, the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning industry offers a large profit margin for companies that can find their niche. 

A comprehensive HVAC marketing strategy can help establish an impressive public image and market reputation. The right marketing ideas for HVAC companies can help attract more customers/ clients, allowing them to boost their profit. They are also great for fostering customer loyalty, improving customer retention. 

If you want repeat clients, you may need to invest more time, effort, and money in your HVAC marketing strategy.

  1. Effective HVAC Digital Marketing Strategy Means Make Sure Your Website Is Mobile-Friendly

Making your services stand out should be a top priority as a Heating and Cooling business owner. It is high time for business owners and strategic HVAC marketers to realize the importance of cultivating a user-friendly, easy-to-navigate website where they can showcase their services. 

A stellar HVAC marketing website is a primary source of relaying information to your new and existing clients. How you portray your services can help you stand out from the rest of the market. Making your services stand out is the key to leaving a lasting impression on prospective clients.

Create a distinct business identity through your HVAC internet marketing plan, particularly your website. When picking a website design, it is ideal to use the simplest terms as your prospective customers may have trouble understanding more technical language. So, define your services and service areas clearly. For instance, do you provide residential or commercial services? Moreover, make sure to display your contact information in a visible spot on the website, so clients looking for HVAC services can reach out easily.

Besides, your business will need other HVAC marketing ideas to drive traffic and grow revenue. 

  • Optimize Search Engines: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies like adding SEO keywords to your website content can help. 
  • Be Transparent about Pricing: Customers pick companies based on the prices. 
  • Include Customer Reviews: 80 percent of clients read testimonials before hiring a service.
  1. Increase Traffic with Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click or PPC advertising is an excellent internet marketing strategy for your HVAC business. It will especially prove beneficial if you don’t want to spend more than your initial budget. PPC ads have a substantial return on investment (ROI) too. 

This form of digital marketing allows companies to buy website traffic instead of driving organic traffic to your website. Advertisers pay for each click on an online advertisement. You can set a bid depending on how much you’re willing to spend on every click. 

If you want to stick to a budget, PPC campaigns allow you to set daily budgets to prevent businesses from spending more than they can. You can promote your services through PPC ads on different platforms, including Google, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Bing, etc. 

  1. Use Local Marketing Strategies (Search Engine, Display, Social Media, Affiliate) 

Compared to other industries, HVAC companies do not need to curate a strategy to reach their audience. You only need to establish one that can grab the attention of your local customers. Local HVAC marketing strategies can greatly impact your marketing campaign’s success. They can help generate the traffic you need for your campaigns. 

Some avenues you can choose include:

  • Search Engine Advertising: Search engine advertisements appear at the top of search results on browsers like Google. Selecting relevant keywords and setting up campaigns with these platforms can help your business appear at the top of the results page. 
  • Display Advertising: Display advertisements refer to images, banners, and texts on websites your target audience will likely visit. When your target audience clicks on these ads, they will be redirected to your website. 
  • Social Media Advertising: Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will often have a large user base. They are great for creating brand awareness and targeting a specific audience. 
  • Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing is another of the best HVAC contractor marketing strategies to promote your services or products. You can find numerous digital marketers and influencers to promote your company for commissions.
  1. Launch Geofencing Ads To Boost Your HVAC Marketing Strategy

If you’ve been looking up questions like “how to market my HVAC business,” launching geofencing ads can help you deal with your problem quickly. It is an ideal HVAC marketing strategy because most businesses in the industry operate locally. 

Geofencing ads allow companies to target audiences in specific locations, including neighborhoods and competitor areas. You can create a Google Business Profile on Google search results pages and Google Maps. It is a free profile allowing businesses to write descriptions, share photos, and more. With geofencing, you can create personalized advertisements to target local customers more specifically. 

Google business profiles allow businesses to interact with their audience and existing and prospective customers via messaging and Google reviews. More importantly, you can get an insight into how local customers find your business.

Here are some ways you can maximize your results.

  • Research Your Area: Geofencing uses radio frequency identifiers and GPS to target ads by specific geographical radiuses. Conducting research for your area is ideal for making the most of this HVAC marketing strategy.
  • Compel Your Audience to Action: Call-to-Actions (CTAs) are essential for driving your target audience to act. However, make sure your CTAs are brief but actionable. Additionally, ascertain that the notifications are valuable and not spammy.
  • Check Your Data: Checking and reviewing your data is an excellent way of improving the HVAC internet marketing strategy’s success rate. When using geofencing, make it a point to check performance regularly.
  1. Use HVAC Email Marketing Strategies for Recurring Heating and Cooling Tasks

Marketing an HVAC business demands time and effort, but don‘t forget about customer retention. Keeping your current customer base engaged is just as critical, but how can you do it? 

As an HVAC business, hiring an HVAC marketing agency can help level up your digital marketing game through email marketing. Not only is it exciting and effective, but email marketing is a budget-friendly promotional strategy for HVAC contractors

To utilize email advertising, HVAC strategy marketers need to collect client data, particularly contact information. Ask your customers for their email addresses while closing the job for leads. Client contact information allows you to reach out to them after completing the job. Your customers will need HVAC services like maintenance every year.

  • Encourage Customers to Visit Your Website: Building your email subscriber list is a great way of growing website traffic. Sending sign-up invites for news, updates, and reviews can help revamp your HVAC internet marketing strategy. Providing offers like discounts, giveaways, and exclusive content is an excellent idea to attract more subscribers.
  • Optimize Email for Mobile:  In today’s age, users prefer mobile gadgets over computers. So if you want to improve your HVAC marketing strategy, hire an HVAC marketing agency to optimize your business email for mobile use. It is also a good idea to add a clickable button beside or below your CTAs. 
  • Establish a Schedule for Newsletters: Email marketing allows you to interact with your customers directly and engage them with your services and team. Newsletters provide customers with an update on your business. To make your business newsletter more interesting, you can include free maintenance for new customers, coupons for new units, a summary of charitable actions, etc. Monthly emails are ideal, so you don’t appear annoying to your clients.
  1. Leverage Social Media Marketing to Cultivate Customer Loyalty

As mentioned above, social media platforms make great tools to attract potential clients and increase brand interaction. Social media can help your brand reach new people while improving your reputation and helping you connect with your audience.

Establishing a strong social media presence is ideal if you want a solid HVAC marketing plan. More than half of the customers in the US surf social media before making a purchase decision. Yet, only a few businesses leverage social media to their advantage. 

That said, more than simply creating a page on a social media website is required; you also need to post regularly and engage with your audience. In other words, you’ll need to work on social media content and reply to messages and comments. Besides leveraging Facebook and Instagram, consider building an audience on YouTube. 

  • Post Relevant/ Helpful Content: Adopting social media in your HVAC marketing plan can help you earn leads and sales. But it is essential to vary your content type. Businesses that focus their social media posts on promotion obtain little traction. On the other hand, valuable content attracts positive responses. So, hire an HVAC marketing agency to find the right balance between promotional and helpful posts.
  • Watch your Comments and Messaging: It isn’t a good sign when companies don’t reply to comments and messages. If you’re not answering queries, it leaves an impression that your company doesn’t care. Therefore, adopting a proactive approach is necessary to establish an impressive reputation. 

I get it. You really do NOT want to learn and do HVAC social media marketing yourself?…

And getting a mediocre result at best trying to manage an employee in-house is probably NOT exactly the most effective way to stay ahead of your local competitors.

I agree. — It’s better to grow your Heating and Cooling company with professionally trained and experienced pay-per-click experts.

After all, trying to save a dime and lose a dollar will NOT help you get more leads and reach your goals. 

If you want to see how social media marketing for HVAC contractors can earn 2-3 times in profit than what paid PPC services cost, contact an established and reputable SEO and marketing company like

  1. Publish Relevant HVAC Blog Content

Although new to the HVAC industry, blogging can significantly improve your marketing strategy’s success rate. Publishing relevant content is an excellent marketing tactic to help your company stand out from other businesses in your niche. 

It can also increase your website’s Google ranking, helping you appear at the top of the results page. When you provide helpful information relevant to your products, services, and your consumers’ concerns, you are more likely to build a positive brand image. 

When creating content, use SEO copywriting to produce engaging content. 

  1. Gather Reviews

Gathering client testimonials and customer reviews is one of the smartest HVAC marketing strategy ideas. Over 80 percent of buyers let reviews decide whether they should use a company’s services. After all, trusting local companies is not so easy. 

Various platforms like Google allow businesses to request their customers to leave a review regarding their experience with the company. It is a good idea to encourage your clients to write online reviews on Google and social media platforms. Your staff members can request them to do so in person as they finish the job. Or, you can give away business cards to share with others. It is also possible to follow up through an email containing a review URL.

However, keep in mind that collecting reviews is only part of it. You should also respond to the reviews, especially when you receive negative feedback. Respond promptly and address the concerns your customers might have. 

While reviews don’t help generate revenue directly, inserting them on your website and PPC ads can increase your business value and enhance your online presence. Using reviews in your HVAC marketing campaign also helps boost local search engine optimization.

  1. Run Google Ads 

Many HVAC business owners struggle with finding HVAC jobs when it shouldn’t be that big of a problem. Building and running targeted ads via Google Ads is an excellent way to enhance your HVAC marketing plan. 

It is one of the best marketing strategies for contractors, as Google Ads has proven to generate leads in the past. Developing more HVAC leads from local and qualified customers should be the major goal you want to achieve through your HVAC marketing strategy. Think about it; you want to avoid someone contacting you for your services from miles away as you won’t be able to help. 

So, you should ideally geo target your ads to areas in which you can provide your services. Doing so can prevent spending more than your allocated budget for Google Ads. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Grow My HVAC Business

Expanding your HVAC business takes time, effort, and investment like any other business. To ensure success in the industry, make sure to set a budget and manage your cash flow effectively. Besides, you also want to get more trained employees and work on marketing your business to attract leads and sales. 

How Do You Attract HVAC Customers?

You can use several marketing strategies to attract prospective customers for your HVAC business. Besides running referral programs and campaigns, digital marketing is extremely effective. You can leverage social media platforms, email, geofencing, and other tactics to attract and retain HVAC customers.

How Do I Market a Small HVAC Business?

Startups and small businesses don’t often have the budget for marketing. However, building customer trust and establishing a positive brand image is essential to growing your business. Gathering reviews, using local SEO marketing, and leveraging social media are some of the best places to start. 

Bottom Line

As you see, it is time to take action as HVAC marketing will lead to more leads and sales revenue. Using specific methods outlined above to build a marketing plan is essential for establishing a solid HVAC strategy. However, a plan is wasteful if you don’t know how to execute it. When done correctly and consistently, your HVAC business will reap the rewards. 

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Mark Buckingham is an HVAC SEO and Internet Marketing Expert with over 21 years of experience helping Heating and Cooling businesses get to the top of Google. As the founder of Skyrocket Results SEO, he’s on a mission to help HVAC contractors, Plumbers and Electricians avert internet marketing mistakes, avoid wasted marketing dollars and grow their business. His free HVAC company marketing blog is: