Top 8 Tricks And Tips To Be a Better WordPress Developer

Top 8 Tricks And Tips To Be a Better WordPress Developer

Whether you are the owner of a business, a blogger, online sellers, and anything and everything else, WordPress is your platform if you want a website that is powerful and easily allows you to customize according to your needs. So, if you are looking for a platform to grow your website presence, you are on the right page.

WordPress is a very intuitive and powerful platform that allows its users to develop and design their very own website with relative ease and the way you like it. Add images, text, content, formatting, and much more to your website just with one click.

The craze and popularity of the website have grown to such an extent that IT recruitment agency Dubai has seen an almost 35% rise in WordPress developers.

8 tricks and tips to be a better WordPress developer.

1. Watch theme demos.

Themes can form the essence of the website, and this calls for precision during choosing a theme that best suits the business’s interest. WordPress is a platform that allows you to play around with multiple themes in a single place and see immediately if a particular theme suits your website.

Using the live demo or view demo, you can choose a theme and see how it looks online. If you like the design and think it best suits your interest, you can go forward and edit the theme as you want.

2. Get SEO plugin

SEO forms the pith of a website; it is an essential factor to make your website stand out in the crowd and give it visibility in the search engines. SEO is complicated to manage, and you will need an ln expert that can guide you through the entire process.

WordPress makes your journey a tad bit easier by introducing the SEO plugin. The plugin allows the website owners to analyze the website with different keywords and contents and suggests the best way for the website to grow. To get the plugin, all you need to do is go to the directory and find a plugin that best suits you.

3. Work with google analytics

Google Analytics helps to track performance, record data, and get insight into the website’s interactions. This feature of the tool makes it extremely useful in different aspects of the site. Install the analytics through a platform that you prefer the most. During the installation, you will receive a code for analysis.

Installing the services will help you to keep abreast about the performance of the website in terms of who visits the website, duration of visit, and much more. With the analytics tools, everything feels at your fingertips.

4. Limit your plugins

Functionality is an essential aspect of the website, and unless your theme has inbuilt features, an external plugin must take care of different features in the website. For every new feature that needs to be added, a separate plugin will be required.

Plugins can be of great help, but too many of them can pose a risk of security and even slow down your website on a significant level. So, ensure to keep away from all extraneous plugins and only apply those necessary for the website. Do not fall into the trap of attractive plugins and do not provide any actual value to the website.

5. Set up your gravatar

Gravatar or usually known as Globally Recognized Avatar, is a plugin that allows the website owner to add photos to your web pages. This helps the users to get more wonder reach and recognition across multiple platforms. Using this plugin will allow you to pin the photo whenever a comment is posted and reply.

Gravatar is a WordPress plugin. All you need to do is set the profile picture from the settings and use the intuitive plugin to reach more customers.

6. Manage the comments

Comments help the audience give feedback on the website. The input can be positively used by the owners to make necessary changes that the audience wants to see on the website. This opens a room for discussion and helps create an online community that can further support and promote the website. Using WordPress, you can easily manage your comments from the admin panel. 

Comments can play a different role as well. The google search algorithm crawls through the comments to make decisions on the quality of the website. So, to avoid negative comments as far as possible. Also, make sure to avoid spam comments to get better visibility in the community.

All you need to do is go to settings and select the discussion type. It also helps to monitor the comments as per your requirements.

7. Keep your content accessible to view

Websites are not about how many features they have or the number of plugins and images scattered around the website. It is all about the quality of the content and features over the quantity. Too many widgets on the website can make it look cluttered, and people might find it difficult to manage the website efficiently.

Too many widgets can also digress the actual message of the website and cause discrepancies in the way the website is put forward.

8. Keep updating WordPress Permalinks

Permalinks or permanent links are the links that are associated with the address of the website and the blog post. WordPress does generate the link automatically but they often do not stay true to the SEO formatting; this calls for changes to the links.

All you need to do is go to the settings and change the default setting to something more accessible. Use the name default as it is more SEO-friendly than all other types of data.

9. Find a reliable site migration tool

As a WordPress developer, you’ll need to find a way to migrate sites between environments, for example creating staging or local copies of a live site.

You’re going to need to find a solution that handles migrating the database, media library, themes, and plugins, and will replace your URL and webroot path in the new environment. It should also offer full site migrations as well as partial migrations, for example only migrating certain tables, or a specific media library file.

WP Migrate DB Pro does all of this, and also supports multisite migrations, command line migrations, and a host of other features.

In the end, everything is subjected to change, and to be a better developer, all you need to do is keep up with the trends and enjoy the process of learning. IT recruitment agency Dubai also has given its words on being a better developer. It says being better is all about change and adapting to the change. So, use different techniques and stay updated with the tools. Enjoy the process.