Top 7 Features Every Hotel Website Builder Should Offer

Top 7 Features Every Hotel Website Builder Should Offer

A hotel website is crucial for a hospitality business to attract guests, enhance direct bookings, and increase revenue. And the hotel website builder helps you create a website that is capable of achieving these goals, without even coding, through just the drag-and-drop functionality!  

Thus, you must choose this tool carefully to drive direct bookings and get a positive return on your investment.   

So, look for the following features in a hotel website builder to create the most stunning and profitable website for your business.   

1 Offers multiple website templates and customization options  

A hotel website builder tool should offer multiple template options for the hotels to choose from and customize their website. A simple and easy-to-navigate interface will allow hotels to gain more visitor engagement and increase the chances of direct bookings.   

Thus, templates should be as close and as relevant to a hotel’s niche and user-friendly. Choose a template that allows you to add all the relevant information and content so that a visitor can make an informed decision.   

2 Creates an SEO- and mobile-friendly website  

It is very important for you to create a website that is optimized for search engines as well as smartphones for more visibility and accessibility. Therefore, the hotel booking website builder that you choose must offer SEO and mobile optimization options.   

It should allow you to create a responsive website and optimize content for search engines such as Google, Bing, etc. The tool should have features that allow you to customize the font and add images, videos, and infographics of high quality in a manner that does not slow down the site’s speed.   

3 Offers Drag-and-Drop functionality   

This is an important feature. A good hotel website builder tool should offer drag-and-drop functionality.  

This allows hoteliers with less to no technical and design knowledge, skills, and experience to build a fully functional and visually appealing hotel website. There is no need to hire a developer or a design team to create a website, that can be done in-house using this tool.  

Ready-to-use widgets should also be offered to make the addition of elements such as images, custom HTML, videos, email, email subscription boxes, etc., easier.  

4 Provides necessary integrations   

The tool that you should be choosing should offer multiple important integrations such as a booking engine, secure payment gateways, hotel PMS, channel manager, etc.  

These integrations are crucial for facilitating direct bookings, ensuring guest data security, real-time inventory management, and enhanced coordination between different departments.   

5 Allows you to add offers, packages, and promotions  

The right hotel website builder tool should allow you to add packages, extras and upsells, offers, discounts, deals, etc., to incentivize guests to make a direct booking. These promotional offers act as persuasive website elements to entice guests to book directly with the hotel.   

These deals and offers allow hotels to drive their direct bookings and make more revenue whilst keeping their guests happy from all the savings.   

6 Offers a live chat option  

Another crucial feature that a website builder should offer is the live chat option. This feature on your website enhances the guest experience on the first few important guest touchpoints. These live chat options allow you to offer 24*7 customer service and assistance to your potential guests.   

They can ask any query they have regarding hotel services and get instant replies, encouraging visitors to turn into bookers with all the relevant information.   

7 Comes with reporting and analytics capabilities  

Last but not least, the right tool should come with advanced analytics capabilities. This data will help you monitor and understand your website’s traffic and visitor’s behaviors, tastes, and preferences.   

Using these insights, you can optimize your website’s performance and increase your visibility as well as direct bookings.   

To sum up… 

Choose a website builder tool that offers all these features. By doing that, you will be able to create a simple yet stunning, impactful, and profitable website. Prioritize user experience while designing the website. Responsive websites are a must in this smartphone-driven era.   

Lastly, do not forget to add a booking engine to get onto the track of direct bookings.   

Hope you find this blog helpful!  If you have any queries or want further guidance, do let me know in the comments section below.   

Happy website building!