Top 5 Shopify Development Companies in New York, USA

Top 5 Shopify Development Companies in New York, USA

More or less every brand and company now has an online website, because it has become the trend for us all to try to build a name for themselves online. Before opting for a Shopify development company in the Empire State, ensure that your business has a firm legal footing; choose the best professional services to establish your llc new york, guaranteeing a smooth start and solid protections for your business operations in this region.

Numerous software companies are attempting to profit from this circumstance, just as companies are seeking to take advantage of it. And, over the years, Shopify seems to have been a tool that most Shopify app development companies have consistently used since it provides developers with a feature-rich eCommerce solution that enables companies to bring in new retailers.

In this regard, many Shopify development companies entered the tech stage to establish their name but not everyone was capable of doing this. Therefore for you, we have shortlisted the top 5 Shopify development companies that have become famous on account of the quality work they provide to their clients.

Shopify Pro:

Shopify Pro is the greatest team of Shopify Expert Web Designers & Certified Developers, based in New York City. Their experience ranges from Shopify Web Development, Website Design, Shopify App Development, Digital Marketing, and the strategy of delivering a complete freelance team of developers from our in-house Shopify top tier team. They assist ecommerce firms in digitally transforming their functions for sustained success in the 21st century day.

Owing to Shopify Pro’s development work, the Shopify website has received favourable feedback on its flexibility and ease of using it. The crew has indeed been fast to adjust and adapt to the modifications that have been made. The work of Shopify Pro improved website traffic and conversions, which met the client’s objectives. The created site’s usability and design are also complimented by users. Throughout much of the involvement, the team used their technical knowledge by becoming transparent, tolerant, and efficient. Shopify Pro has pioneered a new and unrivalled approach that is not only quick but also accessible. Clients often have the impression that the provider works incredibly hard on their site till they are completely happy and content.

Awards received by Shopify Pro:

  • In 2018, Shopify Pro was named the Top Local Software Solutions Provider in NYC, a company that specialises in online digital services but also offers IT based solutions.
  • It has also been recognised as a top Upcity-certified website designing, digital marketing, and software development company.
  • Shopify Pro is ranked for being one of the finest Shopify Development & Marketing Agency in New York USA by PUDDDING amongst the Best Marketing Agencies’ case studies.
  • According to its profile, services, and client ratings, Shopify Pro has been named one of the Top Software Developers on the platforms. The organization strives for excellence and keeps delivering, ensuring complete client pleasure.
  • HTML Pro has named Shopify Pro the “Most Popular Web Design Services” in the UAE. This award recognises HTML Pro’s commitment to providing high-quality services, which has helped us gain a global following.
  • In 2019, Shopify Pro was once again named one of the top three web design firms in the New York area. This organisation is still on the list for the third year in a row, sustaining a high standard of service and customer support.
  • Shopify Pro is among the few online agencies to be recognised by CIO by far the most outstanding web design and development company.
  • The Google AdSense badge has been awarded to Shopify pro employees. Their knowledge and abilities in the domain of information technology are indicated by this badge. In addition, they have profited from Google AdSense program by operating profitable promotional strategies.


  • Maker&Son
  • Satya Jewelry
  • Kerusso
  • Ultra Luxe Skin Care
  • Fego Gioielli 
  • 8 Organics
  • Rooted Rituals
  • Solo Strength
  • Evolve Elixir
  • Mind Body Hemp
  • Pseudo
  • American Heritage Girls
  • Treatibles
  • Hair Rules
  • GiftCardDeal
  • TunerGoods
  • TD Motion 
  • Ford Cobra Engines 
  • New Earth Garden
  • Direct Furniture Center
  • TunerGoods 
  • TD Motion 
  • Space Cowboy
  • Bubbles&Books
  • Women’s Collective Box 
  • TiaraSport
  • Oak Hills Guns


Pivofy is one of the top Shopify development firms in the United States, having been established in 2014. They are dedicated to creating e-commerce websites that are practical, cutting-edge, high-performing, and results-oriented. Pivofy helps small, medium, and big corporations sell online efficiently across industries. This Shopify development firm has created, constructed, and deployed a variety of Shopify platforms for merchants all around the world.

Pivofy is well-known for providing end-to-end specially designed solutions to satisfy your evolving business needs while also applying creative concepts. It is well-known for providing users with a flawless experience. Pivofy has consistently created a fantastic new site that has been well accepted by both employees and customers. Their staff is productive, adaptable, and transparent. Their top executives suggest bringing in best practises. Pivofy is a well-organized provider who consistently delivers on schedule.

In comparison to the previous relationship, Pivofy is known for producing a lot speedier and more navigable platform for the client. It promises to manage goals and expectations, with on-time commitments and effectiveness. This firm is well-known for its clear and straightforward dilemma.


  • Welding Store
  • Kalorik
  • Sanitaire
  • Codex
  • Supcase
  • Shirley’s
  • NovaFerrum
  • Pawstruck


S-PRO is a company that develops software solutions for three business sectors such as Fintech, Healthcare, and Renewable Energy. The company’s headquarters are located in different cities in Poland, Germany, Ukraine, Estonia, and Armenia. Back in 2014, only two people stood at the origins of the company, and 8 years later, in 2022, the S-PRO team has more than 250 professionals in the development of IT solutions. For more than 8 years of existence, S-PRO has gained tremendous experience in the field of software development. 

The main services of the company are:

  • Pilot Projects (PoC, MVP).
  • Dedicated Team.
  • Managed Delivery.

The technological expertise of S-PRO includes:

  • Web Development.
  • Blockchain.
  • DevOps.
  • Mobile Development.
  • AI/ML Solutions.
  • Quality Assurance.
  • UI/UX.
  • Big Data Systems.
  • Maintenance.

S-PRO Fintech expertise:

  • Digital Banking
    • Neo banks
    • Digital asset management platform
    • Digital KYC and Onboarding Solutions
    • Integrations with banking API
  • Lending & Alternative Financing Platforms
    • Loan management software
    • Loan comparison tools
    • DeFi lending & borrowing systems
    • Mobile lending apps
    • P2P lending marketplace
  • Ecommerce
    • BNPL & EPP
    • Merchant portals
    • Ecommerce payment systems
  • Crypto
    • Binance Smart Chain
    • Crypto exchange platforms
    • NFT marketplaces
    • DeFi & CBDC solutions
    • E-voting systems
    • Crypto wallets and extensions
  • InsurTech
    • Blockchain development
    • Fraud Prevention/Detection
    • Marketplaces
  • Stock Trading Platforms
    • Data collection
    • Data analytics
    • Data warehouse
    • Data marts
    • Data warehouse
    • Trading bots
  • AI/ML
    • Personalization
    • AI-based bots
    • Time-series forecasting
    • Internal credit scoring
    • Fraud detection & prevention
    • Facial and biometric identity verification

S-PRO Healthcare solution development expertise:

  • Digitalization of the patient experience
    • Healthcare CRM solutions
    • Patient portal
    • Remote patient monitoring
    • Telemedicine apps
  • Medical Operations Optimization
    • Electronic health record software (EHR)
    • Hospital information system (HIS) 
    • Hospital inventory management systems
    • Medical practice management software (MPMS)
  • Multifunctional Pharmaceutical Solution
    • E-prescribing systems
    • Physician portals
    • Pharmacy management systems
    • Customized pharmacy automation
  • Refined Medical Imaging And Research
    • Picture archiving and communication system (PACS)
    • Laboratory Information management system (LIMS)
    • ML for medical image analysis

S-PRO expertise in renewable energy software development:

  • Big data & predictive analytics for renewable energy
  • Artificial intelligence solutions for renewable energy
  • Blockchain development for renewable energy
  • Mobile app development for renewable energy

Caring for the final product and its subsequent viability is the main goal of S-PRO, which is why you will receive:

  • Project Progress Tracking

The S-PRO team uses flexible software development management methodologies (Agile and Scrum) that allow you to track every stage of project development in order to complete them on time and within budget.

  • Product stability

Developers will choose the application architecture and technologies that best suit your application. They will also conduct all possible tests, including load testing.

  • Agreed Budget Guarantee

S-PRO will provide you with a preliminary estimate of the cost of the product, depending on the use of human resources and technologies.

  • Commitment to the market

The implementation of the design thinking methodology allows S-PRO to target and achieve product-to-market fit.


Whenever it concerns Shopify development, Resourcifi is a well-known firm. Resourcifi is unquestionably and justifiably among the top 5 Shopify development businesses in the United States, with a Clutch rating of 4.7/5. They are headquartered in Delaware, but its delivery of services operations have been located in India. Resourcifi provides a variety of products to individuals and organisations all around the world, but Shopify development was and still is their greatest and outstanding offering.

This top Shopify development firm, which was founded in 2009, seems to have the skills and expertise to create amazing mobile and web applications for a multitude of sectors, like medical, finance, hotels, games, entrepreneurs, and corporations. Resourcifi is one of the top 5 Shopify development businesses, with over 200 skilled in-house programmers with a knowledge and experience of 5–7 years. They are particularly proficient and can provide their clients with vivid, smart, and fully capable ideas. Its Shopify development services are second to none. They’ll be able to assist you in creating top-notch eCommerce solutions.

Resourcifi’s customizable interaction models have made hiring a developer simple, reasonable, and beneficial to your organisation. Resourcifi is definitely the greatest option if you’ve had a Shopify project in the works.


  • Stanford University
  • Snacking, Dow
  • Philosophy Talk
  • Proximity Learning

RNF Technologies

RnF Technologies seems to be in business for over a decade and is widely regarded as among the top five Shopify development firms in the country. Instead of always developing products, they believe in growing businesses. RnF Technologies’ developers have extensive expertise in developing high-quality mobile and web applications for a variety of businesses and entrepreneurs throughout the world.

RnF Technologies really does have the abilities and knowledge to construct solutions for a variety of industries, including pharmaceutical, eCommerce, entertainment, and logistic support, as among the top 5 Shopify development companies in 2020–2021. RnF Technologies’ Shopify professionals don’t require any supervision. These developers offer unrivalled support and therefore can aid you in creating cutting-edge customizable web apps. So if you have any Shopify based projects then this company can be your one-stop shop.


  • EHS Insights
  • Albatross Divers
  • Affinity Partnerships

Raven Digital:

Raven Digital, situated in Houston, is a leading Shopify development firm. They’re known for helping businesses improve their digital presence and generate actual business benefits. This top Shopify development firm has served clients from everywhere in the world for the past six years. Raven Digital, including some of the top 5 Shopify development firms in 2020–2021, takes a portable strategy to challenge existing businesses with cutting-edge technology. This leading Shopify development firm offers a broad array of services, including digital advertising, management and services, automation systems, and white-label facilities.


  • Padres Wine
  • Law Office Website
  • Comfy Houston Furnished Apartments
  • Benoit
  • Gryphon OG
  • National LED
  • Southern Tower Sales
  • Tracts 2.0
  • Custom Dashboards
  • KPC
  • BCS Systems Website
  • Weingarten Art Group
  • Trinity Real Estate Investment Services
  • Cahill Industrial Heating
  • Knight Planning Website
  • GHIA Website
  • Champion Custom Home Builders
  • ML Deer Construction
  • BrisketU