Top 5 Search engines which marketers should focus on in 2022

Top 5 Search engines which marketers should focus on in 2022


Do you know what the most popular search engine is? Yeah, I know it’s Google. That’s quite obvious now, isn’t it? But what is the second most popular search engine? If you think the answer is Bing, think again. 

Indeed, these familiar names turn up in our heads when we think about the most popular search engines. But will they still be ruling the market even in 2022? We believe digital marketers should go beyond these and look for some not-so-popular search engines next year.

What Will Be the Most Popular Search Engines Of 2022?

We all know that Google rules the Internet world when it comes to choosing the best search engines. But did you know that there are other search engines as well? For example, the Yippy search engine acts less like a search engine but more like a metasearch engine. Instead of searching the web for popular search results, it asks other search engines to display the answers. 

That’s why the popularity of different search engines is increasing day by day. So, it’s time to check the best ones out that will rule the market in 2022.

1: Google

We can’t eliminate Google from the top search engine due to its immense popularity. It continuously maps the web, and other sources to connect to the most relevant information. Google presents the information you are looking for in a wide variety of ways. It also helps you to keep your personal information safe, and secure. It is the most popular search engine because of its desire to provide high-quality results to users.

You may be surprised to know that Google performs more than 5.4 billion searches every day. It is fully automated, and it uses web crawler software. You can also add a customizable search bar here. Google collects data from your social media profiles, browsing history, and email to give you personalized search results. 

2: DuckDuckGo

One of the most significant search engines with a 0.39% market share in the internet world is DuckDuckGo. The best feature of this search engine is its extreme measures towards keeping your data private but in a simplified manner. It can collect, track, and monitor extensive information about real-time user data. Even if you are currently using Google and want to switch to DuckDuckGo, there’s a handy extension also available.

Users nowadays are concerned about Google privacy, which is why DuckDuckGo can be a popular choice for future digital marketers. It is one of the best search engines in the competitive market that does not bombard you with ads. So, your personal information is safe here, and your browsing activity will also remain private. 

3: Ask

If you think about why you should switch to another search engine when Google is acting fine for you, plenty of reasons exist. Ask is not another search engine directory. Instead, simplified, it is a virtual question-answer concierge. This search engine has been in the market since 1996, so its time digital marketers pay more attention to it. 

You will get instant, raw search results directly derived from the minds of your customers. Ask has a unique search feature of an encyclopaedia. You’ll get research articles on plenty of scientific topics, so that’s a plus for students. But, what extra benefit will it provide to digital marketers? It is one of the most user-friendly search engines, which can also configure cookies in other browsers. So, digital marketers can use it in their favour. 

3: Yandex

Apart from being one of the best search engines with untapped potential, Yandex provides more than 70 different services. However, the best thing about Yandex is probably its ability to comprehend Russian inflection in search queries. So, if you are a digital marketer from Russia, Yandex is your way to go deep in the world of digital marketing. 

If a search engine works as fine as Google but further provides one added feature of knowing a different language, isn’t that simply amazing? Yandex is also faster than Google. Furthermore, the way Google allows the misspellings of non-English words, Yandex corrects these mistakes. So, its popularity in Russia is quite apparent, but it will likely dominate the internet search market of other countries in the future.

4: Bing

Bing search engine competes with Google, and since it is owned by Microsoft, you’ll find it as a default search browser in Windows PCs. It holds a 6.07% market share in the U.S. Although its operators are more than convinced that it is a good alternative to Google, people are still doubting its potential. 

A significant feature of Bing is Bing Ads, where you can change AdWords entry to the related keywords. So, Bing has improved its maintenance standard and has further improved its reporting standards. You can turn off the background image, turn on the RSS feed, track flights, and generate live stock quotes in this search engine.  

5: Wow

The wow search engine is becoming a trendsetter in the world of search engines with its user-friendly interface. While most of the other search engines provide long information on topics, wow opts for a lean approach to search news articles. So even if you are looking for celebrity, movie, or music-based articles, the wow search engine provides the best results. 

In wow, you can look for web search, gif search, forum search, video search, or image search. One of the best search engines that will give you the most relevant websites with good content is wow. So, if you are a digital marketing professional looking to expand in the world of digital business, this search engine must be on your to-do list. 

Putting It All Together

The world of digital marketing is booming, and it is evolving every day. So, if you want to outshine your competitors and stand out, you must do something different. We have given you some unconventional options in the list of search engines that will help you secure your digital marketing business more effectively. If you want to compare these with Google, maybe some will even give you better results. That doesn’t mean we doubt the potential of Google, but we are simply saying to provide a chance to other search engines as well. 

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