Top 5 Impressive Things About WooCommerce that You will Love

Top 5 Impressive Things About WooCommerce that You will Love

Regardless of your level of expertise with WooCommerce or eCommerce in general, its potential may surprise you. The leading software has hidden features that can be used, powerful options that are activated through plugins such as WooCommerce stock manager, and unknown drivers that you can try out. 

The beauty of WooCommerce lies in its growth and expansion potential, which allows you, whether you’re a store owner or a developer, to create amazing things. And the more you know about the possibility of the platform, the more you can make with it!

With 5 million plugins, WooCommerce is one of the most popular plugins and the most popular eCommerce platform. Out of over 1 million eCommerce websites, it is the most used app with a 28% share, followed by Shopify at 21% and Magento at 7%.

Some interesting questions arise: “What is amazing about WooCommerce, and why is this system so popular?”

Let’s talk about the top 5 impressive things about WooCommerce that you will love:

#1. Can Be Used to Sell Anything

WooCommerce is very flexible. The fact that you can set up a website to sell products means just about everything. If you want to sell something, whether, through WooCommerce dropshipping or creating digital products to sell, you can do it with WooCommerce.

There are also physical products, subscriptions, memberships, meetings, and more. Whether you want to sell a single product or many physical products, WooCommerce is the Swiss army knife of eCommerce apps.

WooCommerce is primarily free. In the world of WordPress, this is not a problem because WordPress uses the WooCommerce plugin. Ecwid ranks second in the millions of top sites with less than 0.1% ownership. You can get a promotion, coupon or WooCommerce discount when you buy add-ons.

It’s hard to say how many WordPress WooCommerce themes are available online. WooCommerce themes are available on many independent, small and diverse marketplaces. However, if we limit ourselves to the most popular themes, there are more than 2,000 themes to choose from. The WordPress and WooCommerce integration is a winning way to help you grow your eCommerce business while spending less money.

#2. Has A Vibrant Developer Community

Both WooCommerce and WordPress are open source, meaning customers are free to change or add functionality, create new plugins, and create their themes. For some e-business applications that are not popular, it isn’t easy to find developers who can do the job, and if they do find a developer, it is expensive to invest.

The success of WooCommerce here will benefit the merchants of many WooCommerce developers and professionals. If you need to make changes to your WooCommerce store, it’s not hard to find someone to do the work for you. In addition, its widespread use and communication with developers make it easier to secure WooCommerce.

This is the central part of any particular open-source project: it is not created by a single team but organized by thousands of different users with many dedicated contributions. Not only the addition and improvement of the code but also part of translation, marketing and organization.

Therefore, we do not need a specialist who will come and solve our technical problem and wait in line. You can hang a sign in your city, and someone will come and offer you help. WooCommerce can get better and better and keep getting better with every new update.

#3. Usage & Market Share

Among all e-commerce platforms, WooCommerce has one of the most significant market shares. According to a Statista report, WooCommerce is the second largest e-commerce platform, with a market share of 23.43%.

WordPress powers over 40% of the websites on the entire web. And according to a W3Techs report, 20.3% of all WordPress websites use WooCommerce. Wikipedia shows another WooCommerce statistic: “WooCommerce serves about 4% of over 1 million HTML pages.”

Plugins are the backbone of the entire WooCommerce platform. There are thousands of WooCommerce plugins on the internet, and each of them will help you add more functionality to your WooCommerce store. There are 4228 WooCommerce plugins on, and the number continues to grow.

#4. Includes Powerful Analytics

Built-in analytics is another WooCommerce feature because the more you know about your customers and how they interact with your store and its products, the better.

For example, you can use customer data to learn more about your customers. You can also learn how to create sales reports to sell more.

By default, WooCommerce provides a large set of WooCommerce analytics presented in a clear and user-friendly way. In addition, WooCommerce is easy to integrate with external analytics services such as eCommerce and Google Analytics extensions. WordPress and WooCommerce can provide a fast and flexible eCommerce platform for online stores of any size. This is the main advantage of WooCommerce.

You can also speed up your WooCommerce store by integrating it with a performance-optimized WooCommerce hosting specifically designed for maximum performance. A typical website can support WooCommerce, but cannot provide the best PHP, MySQL, server, and network infrastructure required for fast, low-latency e-commerce response.

#5. Made For Selling

Another advantage of WooCommerce is that it is designed for sales. It includes everything a new business owner needs to get started. There are over 100 payment gateways that can be easily integrated with your store—multiple WooCommerce shipping methods with custom shipping zones and classes.

You need precise information to manage your online store, search, return, order management, email, and everything else.

Choose from thousands of customizable and portable WooCommerce themes that are free and custom, or create your theme to give your store a unique look. Global data serves as a guide for new product vendors who need support.

Final Take

These are some of the best WooCommerce articles for 2022. I hope you found them helpful. Looking at these WooCommerce statistics, I can say that WooCommerce is a happy business.

It’s free, secure, fully customizable and SEO friendly. That is why it is the most preferred brand for many users. And every day, it attracts more and more users.

Are there any WooCommerce stats we missed? Let us know in the comments, and we’ll include it in our post.