Top 4 Ways of Sending and Sharing Large Video Files

Top 4 Ways of Sending and Sharing Large Video Files

If you had had that frustrating feeling, you know it. You may have finished the video for the next marketing campaign or have just scripted a music album and want to send it to your friends. There are images and videos, and you just need to press “Send” to send them, but as you do so it says “Sorry. File is too large.” Indeed, email accounts are not designed to send large files. Even one of the most popular mailing apps like Gmail can hold files only up to 25 MB. So, you are stuck with large files eating up space in your mobile or laptop, but are not able to send them.  

In fact, how many times have you wished had there been a system to send large video files you could have sent albums to your fiancé, friend, family or colleagues! It is not just about you; it is about a wish that almost everybody cherishes. Indeed, you are left scratching your head when there are tons photos and videos in your mobile and it is taking decades to upload to the cloud drive. Whether you are using the cloud to store images or Bluetooth to transfer the images to another device, the transfer rate sometimes really gets down to crawling. Needless to say the need of the hour is a system which can send large files. Indeed, there are systems that can send large files.

Dedicated large file transfer Systems 

You just need to drop your files in the user interface. You can also browse through your mobile storage or laptop and select the videos or files. Next, you need to put the email ID of your recipient as well as your own email. You can also send a message. These systems are indeed a godsend for people who need to make and/or edit videos and/or photographs while on the move. They can go on making videos and sending them over these new age systems. 

Use file compression

You can use free file compression software and online video compressor to compress files at once. They save time and space while ensuring that there is no loss of information. In fact, most operating systems support file compression software. So, you can easily use these software. 

Use USB flash drive.

If you are collaborating in a project and need to send large files online free, photographs etc., with collaborators you can use a USB drive. An USB flash drive is a very useful device for storing and transferring large files. 

Use free online file sharing services

There are several free online services where you can upload files and send large files easily and fast. 


There are a number of options for sending large files over the internet. Although there are some or the other limitations in each of them, you can use file compression and other software to send large video as well as images. You just need to select the most suitable system depending on your need and use.