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Top 5 Benefits of Hiring a Consolidated IT Resource And Service Provider

Digitization has given rise to an incredible amount of complexity in IT resources and services. Although, the new digital economy presents organizations with a lot of opportunities to expand business, enhance ROI and reduce cost, it has also thrown a number of challenges. Maintaining the entire IT infrastructure and the services running in them is itself a costly and complex job. It is a good idea to go for a consolidated IT service provider with global data centers.  

Benefits of Signing Up With A Consolidated Resource And Service Provider

There are a number of benefits of signing up with a consolidated IT resource and service provider. Let us go through the significant benefits.

  • Lower Cost

Having enterprise data centers is a costly affair. It is not just about having private computing resources, but also about having private security, network, cooling and other related services. Needless to say, floor space also comes at a premium when your data center is housed within the organization’s premises in cities and towns. If you hire the data center services of a third party you can share the cost of physical security, network security, network, cooling, floor space rent and other relevant services. Computing power also comes at a reduced cost even if you go for dedicated servers backed up by global cloud. This brings down total cost.  

  • Storage As A Service

Third party data centers with data center networking offer storage as a service. So, you can get massive storage. Also, you can have your own private or dedicated servers if you feel that you are not secure with shared resources. 

  • Cloud Infrastructure

A consolidated service provider must also offer all levels of cloud infrastructure for all levels of capacity and efficiency. You can get enterprise-grade storage and computing options to help your business stay ahead of the pack. You can get robust private/hybrid cloud service at enterprise scale. Such a service can be deployed in very less time and incur a low cost compared to signing up with a separate cloud service provider. You can get hybrid cloud infrastructure for scalable cloud storage at a lower cost. If security is a concern you can also go for private or dedicated cloud storage. 

  • Cloud Based Services

These entities provide a number of cloud based services such as Big Data analytics, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS etc. All these help organizations bring down the cost of various IT services including development services. 

  • Global Data Centers 

One of the key benefits of signing up with a infrastructure service provider is that it comes with the support of global data centers. These third party entities have a cluster of data centers spread over different geographies in the world. This is very helpful in preventing outages in case of catastrophic incidents like earthquakes, floods, storms etc. Your own enterprise data centers can never ensure such a level of protection. 

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While selecting a consolidated resource and service provider you must see to it that it offers scalable cloud storage, cloud service like IaaS, PaaS etc., and relocation services.