Clone apps are budget-friendly ways to develop an on-demand service app as the number of hours required and efforts for developing an app is very meagre. Cloning of apps replicates the already available apps in the market by using their source code for developing into a new app that serves the same functionalities and features as the original app.

App development companies introduced a new method of developing clone apps that have helped many entrepreneurs and small-scale business owners to bring their business ideas into the digital world in a cost-effective manner. 

Let us look at the top 10 clone apps developed by many app development companies nowadays.

1.       TaskRabbit clone app

Getting a workforce who excels at getting things done is challenging nowadays. One must do their searches like browse through the Internet and enquire to the neighbours to find a handyperson and make several calls to check their availability and book a service. This tedious process is eliminated in the On-demand service marketplace like TaskRabbit clone script that plays as a platform where all sorts of home-based services are available to the customers under a single roof. 

The list of services provided are:

  • · Furniture assembling
  • · Move boxes via truck
  • · House cleaning
  • · Plumbing
  • · Home/office delivery
  • · Furniture lifting
  • · Gardening, etc.

2.       Uber for X

A multiservice app is a bi-directional marketplace for both service providers and customers. This app serves as the mediator platform for the customers and the business holders. The service providers list out their services provided by them, and the customers come in to avail their services. 

The Uber for x clone script serves multiple services like the following to its users using a single app.

  • · Car wash
  • · Beauty service
  • · Dog-walking
  • · Fitness coach
  • · Tutors
  • · Lawyers
  • · Home cleaning
  • · Vet
  • · Pharmacy
  • · Laundry
  • · Babysitter
  • · Grocery/flower delivery

3.  Urban company clone

Urban Company Clone is an app, where multiple service providers are brought together under one roof. It is under one app where the customers can avail professional services for any home services. . It is the most convenient way to meet all needs without any complexity of downloading several apps and multiple sign-up procedures. 

The list of services provided by the app are:

  • · Cleaning
  • · Handyman
  • · Home improvement
  • · Carpenter
  • · Plumbing
  • · Electrical
  • · Pest control

4. Clubhouse clone app

An audio-based social media app is a social networking app where a user can join in the discussion or debates happening under several subjects. . A person can be a social influencer, celebrity, scientist or sportsperson. One can find people who hold the same interest and share their point of view and ideas through voice. If a user idolizes a sports player or a movie celebrity, he can join the group where a celebrity is talking. In that way, he can connect with people of similar tastes and share ideas. 

5. Telegram clone

Constant research will take place to bring out the latest feature in the messaging app that will make it withstand the position in the market. Such thirst brought out an app like Telegram which is better than every other messenger apps like WhatsApp etc, in offering privacy. Telegram clone script can be the fastest messenger service app in the market and it will have the most secure messaging app used to send messages in the form of texts or send files in the form of audio, video, etc.,

6.       Whatsapp clone

Gone are the days, when talking with each other used to be just communicating using a device by speaking out loud. But talking has been replaced with ‘texting’. the advent of technology has brought forth mini handheld devices which contain all the essentials of a human in the form of apps. This brought a WhatsApp like app development which is a cloud based messaging app, It is free to use and it permits sharing files also. These enhanced features is what made the app sustainable and gained the credibility of the customers 

7.   Multi-Vendor Ecommerce Script

The multi-vendor ecommerce platform is preferred by many people because it is the one-stop shop for all the commodities, be it necessary or fancy item; everything is available on this platform. This is like the meeting point where multiple vendors from all over with various kinds of products come to a single place and let their customers recognize them with their quality products. 

The multi-vendor ecommerce script is robust enough to support the heavy traffic in the app by customers and vendors. Knowing the perks of this platform, many vendors partner with the app, increasing revenue and letting users have more options for each category. 

8.       BigBasket clone app

Ever since the boom of e-commerce, there has been an advent of many apps in the market, which is helpful for all sorts of customers and works as a great service provider. In that order comes an app for groceries delivery service at the doorstep. The already existing grocery delivery app in the market is the big basket app. The BigBasket clone has been used by employees, old and the elderly, and a survey report says that 63% of the millennials use the online grocery shopping facility.

9.       Grofers clone app

Smartphone users make full use of their devices to make their life hassle-free and straightforward by equipping their mobile phones with all the service providing apps. On-demand grocery delivery script is such a service providing app where it lets users place their grocery order through the app and get it delivered by a delivery person at their doorstep. 

It offers various benefits such as:

  • · Saves time
  • · Flexible
  • · Budget-friendly
  • · Easy payment process

10.       Practo clone app

Practo clone script offers the benefit of users ditching the long waiting hours in the doctor’s office. An app like Practo allows the users to schedule an appointment with the doctor of their choice and either has an in-office meeting with the doctor or video consultation. 

The benefits of the Practo like app are

  • · Online consultation through chat or call.
  • · Tracking medical history
  • · 24/7 doctor availability.
  • · Patient’s records are not disclosed to others and privacy is maintained.
  • · Easy doctor appointment booking
  • · Queries are resolved at any time by expert doctors.
  • · accessible from wider proximity.
  • · Doctors are available for all kinds of medical treatments and consultations.


The various on-demand service marketplace applications provided by the app development company are discussed. These are all the primary clone apps that will tend to make a huge change in your business. So investing in such apps will give guaranteed success and increased revenue throughout the year.