The Value of Discoverable, Shareable, and Useful Content

The Value of Discoverable, Shareable, and Useful Content

There’s no way around it, there are a lot of marketing channels today. I’m counting eighteen as of now (which can obviously change very quickly). When I started my business we had six or seven ways to reach our prospects and customers.

A lot has changed.

One of the things that I think is important to understand, first off, is that you don’t have to play in every channel. That’s one of the things that causes a lot of stress with a lot of business owners and marketers today. What you do have to do is get very good at playing in the right channels, and additionally getting very good at integrating those channels (or at least understanding how they support each other).

That’s a challenge for a lot of people. We look at social media , content, SEO, and PR, and we think that they’re all separate tactics out there doing separate jobs. When you look at them together, and actually intentionally think about how they can support each other, you amplify the effect, or the impact, of each. In this post, we’re going to focus on three of these channels: content, social media, and SEO. While those are separate channels, content is air for marketing today .

It really powers every step in the customer journey and is one of the most essential marketing channels out there. In fact, it probably is not really even fair to consider it a channel anymore, because it’s like the gasoline […]