The ultimate guide to increasing your sales on Amazon

The ultimate guide to increasing your sales on Amazon


As we all know Amazon gives an opportunity to both sellers and shoppers. And there are several ways to boost your sales on Amazon but what are the actual steps? 

Amazon helps to make things easy for sellers and shoppers to manage the demand and supply at the same time. It’s the most popular and convenient platform to increase your sales. 

According to research, amazon has surpassed every single platform for selling products. To understand the ultimate guide to increase your sales on amazon is to know what product is trending the most and what are the new tactics that your competitors are using. Before using those tricks one must know the proper steps to sell on amazon.

What are the steps to sell on amazon?

One of the most frequently asked questions, and the answer is simply following these 7 steps and starting your business today will surely make you a bestseller on the Amazon platform.

1] Assume your startup costs.

2] Get a Clear Idea of what to sell on amazon.

3] Make a plan on how to sell on amazon.

4] Register and start listing.

5] Make an FBA shipping plan.

6] Optimize your listing.

7] Start Getting paid.

Make sure that you follow these steps and use these fantastic tools which will make your 50% work easy.

Tips to Increase your sales on Amazon 

1] Keep your Title Ideal, It should include Brand name+product name+features.

2] Protect your Ideas and tactics from competitors.

3] Do not stuff your keywords that will create a bad impression.

4] Keep High Quality of photos of your products.

5] Obey the guidelines of amazon that will give a good output.

 The remaining work will be done by using these strategies.

  1. Stop spending time manually listing the products using automated tools.

With the help of automated tools will save time and effort, and also one can minimize human errors.

  1. Win the buy Box of Amazon by increasing the sales.

Getting reviews from amazon itself will show a great impact on your sale cycle and will definitely increase the sales of the product this is done by just providing honest services to the buyers. 

  1. Do proper Advertisement on a frequent basis.

“It is well said that the world is of convictions” being a seller one must understand how to advertise his/her product. 

  1. Market your product on different social media platforms.

Social media, in today’s era, are the best way to advertise and market your products on large scale. Just adding a single post can add value to your sales.

 The best way to increase your sale on Amazon is by getting reviews from amazon itself

Ask your customers for positive reviews, product insertion is one of the most convenient ways to get the seller and product feedback. Also, it helps to build a better relationship which improves your sales services and creates more opportunities. Last but not least you should work on the quality of the product. After all, once you enter into this platform called amazon you have to make your product exceptional and most attractive.

5 Most Useful Amazon seller tools to increase your sales

Jungle Scout

 Jungle scout is one of the most reliable tools for selling products on amazon, jungle scout is Amazon ToS-approved. To gain the advantage of this tool all you have to do is connect your Seller Central account to Jungle Scout, that’s it you are ready to go. 

jungle scout is an Amazon research tool that provides you the information of trending products, estimates sales, keyword research, and analyzes tin competitors. simply it shows you which product will make more profit and has scope in growing your business.

Helium 10

Helium 10 is an eCommerce suite of tools for entrepreneurs and businesses to manage and sell your products, identify keywords, identify the latest trends, optimize old listings, streamline advertising campaigns, and some more activities on amazon. 

It is an  all-in-one tool for Amazon FBA which helps to get information like product research, refund, fraud prevention, and other inventory management

Viral Launch 

As artificial intelligence, it is market intelligence that gives a user in-depth knowledge of amazon analytics. It also helps to find profitable products that can improve your sales on amazon. Viral launch tools give information up to 79.3% which is a lot better than any other tool in the market


One of the most important tools that provide you with very important emerging search trends, high-quality keywords, keyword search volume, and search volume history, as well as reliable information on the competition, product pricing, and with this sort of information you can easily supply your services and connect with the right customers and grow your sales. It gives information in matrix form which helps to analyze things easily.

AMZ Scout

AMZ Scout has the complete toolset for selling on amazon. It is the most convenient, reliable, and affordable tool now. For beginners to start their business on Amazon should start with this tool. The interface is real and shows everything crystal clear. 

To improve your work process, install the FBA calculator extension. It will give you precise information on product cost, CPC cost, and goods and taxes. And the best part is that the FBA calculator is free. But if you are still confused here is AMZ tracker vs Jungle scout check this one all doubts will be clear.

How to find money-making products to sell on amazon?

While starting your own business on amazon every single person’s mind crosses this question, according to the survey, The majority of Amazon’s revenue is generated through eCommerce sales of electronics and other products, followed by third-party seller revenues, subscription services, and AWS activities. 

Whenever someone new enters this field that person should invest more in eCommerce products. Also, private label products are the most profitable because they are new and unique and they attract buyers. Invest in retail amazon products. Try using customized prints on amazon products. Also, it’s best if you sell hand-made products on amazon.

Avoid those mistakes while selling products on amazon

Having the proper amount of knowledge while entering into the business without any plan or research on competitors puts you at a disadvantage and can have a bad impact on your sales.

Choosing an over-concentrated niche of product, not paying attention to customer needs, asking for reviews, not paying attention to tax liabilities, and last but not least running PPC campaigns without strategies. 

There is a term called Amazon brand protection which helps you to take legal action and you will come to know how to move forward in the right direction. Many people fail because of a lack of experience and knowledge, “a wise man said once one should never stop learning”


Whatever mentioned above are the most effective ways to increase your sales on Amazon, it’s up to you whether you want to use those tools or not but, in my experience, I would suggest going for Jungle Scout and Helium 10. 

Those are easy to use and give reliable information and offer you the best services. For those who are confused about what to use first, here is a complete comparison of Helium 10 vs viral launch that will give you a brief idea of where to start. 

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