6 Proven Growth Hack Strategies for Small Business to Try in 2022

6 Proven Growth Hack Strategies for Small Business to Try in 2022

One of the crucial parts of small businesses is marketing their products effectively. Entrepreneurs face lots and lots of difficulties to overcome marketing challenges. 

This step-by-step guide breaks down the marketing process and shows how it can be executed to create rapid growth. If you’re a bootstrapping entrepreneur, this article will give you a better idea to launch product after product with enthusiasm ­– and get results.

What is Growth Hacking?

Growth hacking is a popular term used in marketing. It is a set of strategies and tactics that use channels like marketing, sales, and product development as ways to gain visibility and grow a business. Growth hacks aren’t about technology — they’re about data, human psychology, money, and getting new users for your product. Experts in the field often say these growth hacking techniques can be thought of as digital marketing on steroids.

Growth hackers work on optimizing all aspects of a business: from the onboarding process to user retention, cross-sells, and conversion rates, as well as lead generation and so on.

The growth hacker’s goal is to build a self-perpetuating engine of growth. So growth hacking technique is the definition of using the right tools, the right place, and the right time to intensify your site’s performance.

Why is Growth Hacking important?

Growth hacking is one of the most important concepts for startups and mobile apps because growth hacking helps to make your company grow faster. 

A growth hack is a marketing tactic that can be executed by a small business without spending a lot of money. It involves using minimal cost for maximum results. Growth hacking helps a business grow in new ways, especially when the economy does not help businesses. Many companies are struggling to cope with the economy now more than ever before.

6 Best Growth hacking Techniques

Let’s find out what growth hacking is, how you can apply growth hacking to your startup and mobile app, and how to make your startup or app grow faster. Use this guide to learn about different growth hacking strategies and tactics proven to help businesses achieve exponential growth!

1. Use Social media wisely

Social media is one of the best growth hacking techniques to help you market your product and attract new customers. It gives you a platform to promote your products, engage with your customers and build trust. If you handle social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or another site that connects with people, then it can improve the number of visits and sales for your business.

If you want to succeed with growth hacking, use popular social media accounts. With millions of users and probably thousands of great conversations taking place every minute, this is a highly effective arena for communicating with customers and networking. If you choose the right channels, it’s almost effortless to pick up new clients or connect with current ones.

2. Use customer retargeting

We all know that marketing is getting more and more targeted. Using customer retargeting is one of the best growth hacking tactics to achieve increased sales and get a higher ROI. A lot of big companies are using it, but it’s hard to identify the source since tracking tools such as Google Analytics are widely used by them. 

Using the customer retargeting technique will increase your conversion rate. When you are losing one or two sales, or by increasing your app cost and starting to get a little bit upset about it, don’t worry! You can easily use customer retargeting to increase your conversion rate.

3. A/B test your website

A/B testing seems intimidating to many people. But you might be surprised how simple it is, and how beneficial it can be.

A/B tests are generally used to determine which version of a given Web page will drive more visitors to your website. It is also used to see how visitors respond to a new design, layout, or advertisement before it is deployed on your website. Although A/B testing is useful for improving conversion rates, A/B tests can also be used to better understand visitors’ intent and to improve the overall effectiveness of your advertisements. When you place an A/B test on a web page, the page displays two versions of the same page simultaneously, and you can use the version with better results as the primary page.

A/B testing can be performed not only for the website, but also you can perform for different channels or campaigns, to see the result. 

4. Using the right tool 

It is always better to run your small business in an organized way, to achieve better results. Whether your business is large or small, when you have software that can help your company operate well. 

The software will help you to keep your work organized, and helps to focus more on your business by reducing paper works. Some of the best tools are POS software, accounting software, small business budgeting software, Mailchimp if you are focused on email marketing, Hotshot for social media, Canva for free designing, and more.

Having the right business plan, marketing strategy, suitable tools, and financial planning will help your business to a large extent. Utilizing the significance of financial planning and marketing strategy will make your business reach high with reduced investment. 

Make sure to choose the right tool to increase your productivity and decrease your expenses. For example, when you use accounting software, you reduce the cost of the employee’s salary.

5. Search for the right influencers

It’s getting difficult to reach the right audience for advertising your product or service. The influencer marketing platform helps businesses to locate the right people who have a sizeable number of followers and can act as a link between you and your targeted audience. This technology has been gaining popularity since it cost-effectively delivers the message of your brand to millions of people.

Building marketing automation for your startup is one of the most cost-effective yet powerful growth hacking strategies. Working with Influencers can help you reach out to your target audience.

6. Get feedback

Using the feedback option is another growth hacking technique. It will help you to reach your customers wisely. Because most people will try to get your product or service only with the reviews. Request feedback from your customers like, 

  • We want to hear from you! 
  • What did you think of our customer service? 
  • What was good, and what could be better?

Customers’ feedback is used to improve the quality of your browsing and shopping experience as well as future promotions.

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