The Pros and Cons of Facebook's New Business Manager Tool

The Pros and Cons of Facebook’s New Business Manager Tool

You’ve probably at least heard of Facebook Business Manager if you work for a corporation or are the owner of a business with an active Facebook page. Since it has been available for over three years, Facebook Business Manager has generated online discussions about its pros, cons, and drawbacks. You’ve probably encountered some problems and heard tales of the challenges, whether you’ve merely heard of Facebook Business Manager or tried to convert your business. As a successful marketing tool, many businesses appoint a Facebook marketing agency in India to manage and get good social marketing through the platform. Today’s article aims to help you decide whether utilizing Facebook Business Manager to administer your Facebook business page is the best course of action for your company by outlining the benefits and drawbacks of doing so.

What Is Facebook Business Manager?

A company account on Facebook can be organized and managed for free using Facebook’s New Business Manager. Your pages, ad accounts, and other settings are among those that you can manage.

You can also add staff members, businesses, or other partners to assist you in managing your account. This program’s best feature is that you are not required to add clients or employees as Facebook friends. Additionally, you can control everyone’s access to your business account from a single location.

Additionally, you are no longer required to link your profile to the Facebook pages you have access to because of the Facebook Business Manager. Using Facebook Business Manager, you may utilize Facebook for your professional purposes without getting distracted by your newsfeed or all the daily alerts you get.

Even though Facebook Business Manager may appear complex, this free tool can help you organize your use of Facebook for business.

The Way It Works

Visit first after logging into your personal Facebook account. Then, use your profile to create a Facebook Business Manager account. You must complete this step to verify your identity.

It is crucial to remember that the person in charge of Facebook Business Manager should be the company’s owner or president because only they have complete administrative control over the account.

In other words, the Facebook Business Manager account should be managed by the employee who is least likely to leave the organization.

It’s incorrect to assume that switching Facebook profiles requires creating a Facebook Business Manager account. Simply put, it implies you’re setting up a central location to coordinate your business endeavors outside your personal Facebook account.

As soon as you join up, Facebook Business Manager will let you manage all of your Facebook pages and ad accounts. As a result, you won’t combine your personal and professional activities anymore!

Facebook Business Manager sounds magical. Utilizing Facebook Business Manager is probably something you should consider, whether you oversee a Facebook group, run Facebook ads, work as a marketing strategist, or create content.

But is it the best option for you?

Who Is A Good Candidate For Facebook Business Manager?

You don’t need to create a Facebook Business Manager account if you more effectively manage your own business on Facebook. You don’t need to create a Facebook Business Manager account if you manage your own business on Facebook.

  • Agencies that handle numerous social media and advertising accounts for various clients
  • Businesses that have a large staff and manage several Facebook pages
  • Businesses that work together to manage pages or ad accounts
  • Businesses that desire multiple ad accounts (for different departments, for example)

What Are Facebook Business Manager Pros There?

Despite being a fantastic tool, Facebook Business Manager is not without its drawbacks. You must decide whether the advantages exceed the disadvantages for you and your company.

Utilizing all of Facebook’s capabilities in one location is the primary benefit of using Facebook Business Manager. You may more easily manage each partner’s and employee’s administrative rights.

Using Facebook Business Manager, you can manage your resources, including the people who work for you (workers and agencies). You can also ensure that the appropriate people have admin access to the relevant Facebook pages and ad accounts. You may gather your business’s Facebook resources and data in one location.

You can: thanks to Facebook Business Manager.

  • Having total insight over the assets, pages, and advertising accounts you oversee
  • Using the same interface and only one business account, manage several Facebook pages and ad accounts simultaneously.
  • Enhanced access control for your sites and ad accounts
  • Your employees can easily be given roles for every page and ad account.
  • Partner with other businesses to collaborate
  • Send product catalogs or Facebook pixels to other businesses.
  • Do not combine business with pleasure.
  • You may concentrate more on your task without being continually distracted by your newsfeed.
  • Make sure you stop giving anyone admin access to your Facebook tools.
  • Employees, pages, and ad accounts may all be managed by any business with a Facebook Business Manager account.

By doing this, you will be the only person aware of the identities of your employees and the pages or ad accounts to which they have been assigned if a business adds your Facebook Business Manager account as an administrator of its page.

Limitations Of Using Facebook Business Manager

Despite Facebook Business Manager’s many advantages, there are a few things to remember.

  • Your Facebook Business Manager account and the associated ad account become permanently linked once added.
  • It can be challenging to understand the interface because it is not very user-friendly. Additionally, some tools or resources are not available in the exact locations as your personal Facebook account.
  • In addition to learning how to utilize Facebook Business Manager, you must teach it to any additional admins you add to your account.
  • While inactive, ad accounts cannot be deleted. This indicates that the amount of ad accounts you can have is subject to a cap. According to the most recent information, there were five allowed ad accounts; however, this limit will probably vanish over time. You can always request a higher limit from Facebook.
  • As you use Facebook Business Manager, bugs may unavoidably pop up.
  • If you know of other Facebook Business Manager users, they will probably all agree that this program is rife with bugs. If you still use Facebook Business Manager, be aware that you occasionally need to exercise patience.

Therefore, Is Switching To Facebook Business Manager Advisable?

For your convenience, we have listed the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing Facebook Business Manager. The project management tool may help you save money, increase security, and improve the effectiveness of your management process, but it takes time to set up and learn how to use it. It has additional annoyances, such as difficult page removal and unpleasant glitches. We anticipate that Facebook Business Manager will develop over time and grow more complex while also undergoing bug fixes.

Knowing the advantages and disadvantages will enable you to weigh your options and choose your company’s best course of action. Although the final decision is yours, we encourage setting up Facebook Business Manager because it has several long-term benefits, including simplicity of management, increased security, and sophisticated functionality that Facebook no longer provides outside of Facebook Business Manager.

For us to help you make the most of your company’s Facebook account, please contact us if you have any queries. As you make your choice, if you require any extra Facebook guidance, sign up for our free updates. You can also have your Facebook Business Manager set up by us!

The Improved Option

Facebook might resolve all of these problems in the future, but what if it takes a long time or never happens? Are you willing to take a chance of losing your business?

Get a high-quality, cross-platform social media dashboard to manage your business instead of limiting your agency to a one-dimensional tool that only partially works and may delete your access to a page or the page itself. You can manage many company accounts from a single interface, post to all your networks at once, schedule as many posts as you want for as long as you wish, and even add visuals as you write your message. Efficacy, right there.

A Dynamic Platform

Despite the lightning-fast rate at which Facebook fixes issues, new ones continue to crop up practically daily. Not much information or support is available to assist users in setting up and maintaining their accounts because not all businesses use Facebook Business Manager.

Some people think that Facebook Business Manager will become the standard, with all businesses adopting it. Let’s hope that Facebook can work out the kinks before then so that utilizing this helpful feature will be even more enjoyable.

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