The power of Social Media and how to leverage it to your advantage

The last few weeks have been interesting, to say the least. Learning new terminologies like “entanglement” was my highlight. Social media has been abuzz with the memes and hilarious posts about the Jada and August situation. This had me thinking about social media and its influence on our lives. Social media, if you ask me, can be a good and a bad thing. With advancements in technology, the growth of this space is inevitable. There is so much good we can achieve via social media. Think about it. Social media makes it easy to garner the support of not just people within your area. You have access and the attention of many people around the globe. Look at the George Floyd case. With the global uproar, the issue of rogue cops had to be immediately addressed. Also, through the GoFundMe page, the family was able to raise a lot of money within a few hours to support the daughter’s future. 

With technology, you gain access to essay writing services that will make the learning process more manageable. The ability to freely communicate and interact with people on social media provides awareness of the presence of such services. It’s safe to say that social media can also be the source of all your troubles. I mean there are many malicious people online who would take any chance to tear you down. Jada and Will Smith didn’t have to address all the chatter and gossip in the media. But the pressure was too much on this family. From the Red Table Talk discussion, Jada made it clear that what was on social media triggered the discussion. Being a celebrity, social media can be your worst enemy. She didn’t have to address her business in public. But look at the power of social media. Cyberbullying and pressure can get to you. 

In hindsight, I believe that Jada understands the power of social media. August Alsina too knew what he was doing talking about this “entanglement” four years later. For me, this is a strategy to market their brands. Let me explain. August was launching his new project; The Product III: State of Emergency. For many artists creating a buzz around you is good business. Good or bad publicity will still serve the purpose. Jada has the Red Table Talk show, and the chance to grow the audience is something she could not pass on. The marriage talk garnered 25 million views. This was an achievement for any original Facebook watch. 

What is my point? You have to learn and understand the power of social media. As an individual or business enterprise, the ability to leverage on social media makes all the difference. Many of your clients are online. Know how to position yourself as a brand and maximize the advantages that come with this opportunity. Many institutions encourage research paper writing. This is to allow you to gain transferable skills that you can implement in daily endeavours. Conduct your due diligence and find your niche. Then work on using the various social media platforms to attain your bottom line. 

With this in mind, how can you leverage social media?

Understand your audience

Who is your audience? What do they enjoy? You can conduct a non-intrusive survey just to understand your audience. Also check for things like traffic, comments and likes on a particular post. Those are some of the signs that they enjoy what you are sharing with them. With a clear understanding of your audience, it will be easy to come up with content that they enjoy. 

Come up with great content.

People will always enjoy good content. Look at the trending topics or generally what people like to discuss and create something that your audience will enjoy. Many people or organizations with a following have understood the power of great content. People want to learn new things, have their frequently asked questions answered and a good laugh. When your goal is to sell a service or grow your platform, you cannot be casual on social media. Good content goes a long way.

Provide value

The Red Table Talk provides value if you ask me. The uncomfortable discussions they have are a learning tool. Also, the success story and lessons on triumph in adversity motivate you to do better and be better. The content you come up with let it add real value to your audience. Let them become more knowledgeable and motivated via thought-provoking discussions. 

Rewards and giveaways

The promotional aspect of social media helps increase the traffic on your platform. With the referrals, more and more people will get to know about the services you offer. Also, this is an opportunity to interact with your fans and build a strong community. This kind of strategy helps you gain more followers and subsequent purchases. 

Stay consistent

Consistency is the great determinant of your success on these social media platforms. Make sure to post content regularly as you interact with your followers. Let your fans always know what to expect from you. Consistency is your way of creating a strong personal brand that can open many doors for you. Be consistent and see how much influence it will have on your growth.