The Importance of Winning the First View with SEO

Business realizes the importance of achieving that first click within the Search Optimization Engine (SEO). To have a business display high requires how-to strategy and knowledge. Many internet merchants sell digitized dashboards to help business visibility. Multiple products for sale target the small business owner, entrepreneur, or blockchain business. Not all of them are organic or streamlined. Taking the time to research and compare these products are key. This information should help. 

Starting with the basics is essential in any field, but this is especially so for SEO optimization. According to recent studies published by SearchMetrics, >Backlinko, and SEO PowerSuite, four critical factors pop up time and again across business metrics. These are the content itself, use of backlinks in data, mobile-first user experience, and other technical factors such as the use of H1/H2 data tags and anchor text. 

Content drives ranking factors for bounce rate and CTR. The Click-Through-Rate (CTR) measures the number of clicks ads receive. If the content isn’t great, people will not click on the ads. H1 tags are headings containing targeted keywords relating to the page title, which sets the content relevance when Google is scanning your content and guest post to see if it’s relevant to people’s search terms. H2 tags are subheadings that contain similar keywords to the H1 prime heading. Then, anchor text attaches relevant text to hyperlinks, further highlighting the keywords and expanding the content. Currently, mobile-first users are seeing SEO optimization before stand-alone computer use. This is a trend for capitalization. 

Optimization How-To 

Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) are ancillary mechanisms to SEO. SERP features for local packs, knowledge panels, featured snippets, and other activity to grab away both searcher attention and clicks. Businesses want to capitalize on those clicks. To stay on top of SERP data, business owners should both track personal rankings and monitor pop-up features piggybacking off their personal keywords. 

Basic knowledge is valuable for optimization. Everything from structured data to HTML and CSS formatting impacts a search engine. Speed is a major UX factor impacting rankings. If your website isn’t fast, Google will not like the site and you will not rank nearly as high as you could. In addition to speed, the site needs to be relevant. Keep all content strictly relevant to the topic of the page. Even though items like H1 tags, title tags, and anchor text are important to Google for optimization, relevancy will always trump formatting.

Another important aspect of optimization is optimizing for voice search. Realize the true value of voice search. According to a recent Google report, 55% of teens and 40% of adults voice search daily. Voice search is faster than a typed search. Remember that mobile device searches trump computer searches to rank faster. SERP is also trending toward personal user information as a weighted metric: the user location, interests and search history are impacting SERP results. Even in 2011, Google has reported that over 50% of Google searches were tracking as personalized. 

Digital dashboards like ClickFunnels have entered the business arena to offer a one-stop SEO toolkit. Cost-effectiveness is key. Users include webmasters, marketers, entrepreneurs, and digital merchants who want to grow their rankings, traffic, and sales. So many people are using digital dashboards because it provides a quick way to check all the KPIs and SEO-related goals for the business without looking at multiple different pages. The faster the performance indicators and goals can be checked, the faster changes can be made to better improve performance via SEO. 

Business SEO Strategies 

The Forbes Agency Council recently shared SEO trend information. They found the following: voice search value, content value as link-worthy and useful, secured website certificates (SSL) value, searcher intent (query) value, the value from transferring data from subdomain to subdirectory placeholders, and video value. 

A 2017 Cisco study predicted that video will capture over 82% of consumer internet traffic by year 2021. Email marketing has evolved into Integrated Landing Pages. The dashboard or marketing automation suite also offers ILP options so that merchants may demonstrate their product value. Suites offer the ability to monitor campaign data performance and track lead sources. Additionally, Bounce Rate tracking, click-through tracking, sales force automation, automated follow-up, lead scoring, visual contact workflow management services are just a few components available within a one-stop SEO product. ECommerce is accelerated through many of these components. 

Business owners are always looking for the primary or breakthrough app for customer relationship management, for automating marketing activity, and for integrating sales and business systems within an integrated dashboard. Personal how-to knowledge will aid SEO optimization and better position the user. Pick the digital dashboard best suited for the user, and make sure to follow up consistently on the SEO practices you’ve implemented to make sure the content is still relevant for the search queries and continual Google updates. Stay up to date with SEO trends and do not be afraid of using video to attract consumers.