The Importance of Visual Content in Digital Marketing

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It is no secret that we are living in an age that is increasingly dominated by social media and online media platforms, and we spend almost every minute of our days being connected online through our PCs and mobile devices. We are receiving unprecedented amounts of information from a multitude of sources from all over the world, and people have become a lot more discerning in deciding what information to absorb and what to ignore. 

In the world of advertising, this has obvious implications. On the one hand, we have more marketing resources at our fingertips to reach consumers than ever before, via social media, email, websites and blogs. However, people are filtering out most of what they receive online because they are being overloaded with information. This has resulted in businesses finding it incredibly difficult to make a lasting impression on your target audience and to get your brand noticed.  

In addition to becoming savvier in how we process this flurry of data, the truth is that consumers have also become lazier in how they consume information. They are less willing to click buttons and seek out further details, with the expectation being that everything will be presented directly to them for instant consumption. Consumers decide very quickly whether they are interested enough to stick around and hear more or scroll on to the next piece of information online. Including high quality visual content in your online content is, therefore, an obvious necessity in grabbing the attention of your target audience and building your brand’s identity.

Guided by Facts

The human brain processes visual information up to 60,000 times quicker than we do written information. This is a pretty staggering number, and certainly an important one when you are considering any digital marketing campaign.  It has also been noted that most people decide in less than 10 seconds whether they like a web page or not, and this has obvious effects on sales and user engagement. Such decisions are made purely on the aesthetics and ‘feel’ of your landing page.

These figures highlight the importance of putting plenty of thought and research into your marketing and presentation, and how crucial it is to make an instantly positive impression on people. Through the effective use of visual content, you can grab people’s attention, keep their interest long enough to get your message across and convey the identity that you want for your brand. 

Finding the Right Balance

The Importance of Visual Content in Digital Marketing

Photo by Le Buzz via Unsplash

Whilst it is obvious that visuals are more appealing than text when it comes to digital marketing strategies, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) also still requires the effective use of keywords and text for ‘true’ content. The challenge is to strike the right balance between the use of visuals to grab people’s attention, and producing quality written content that is often the actual substance of your online presence and will keep people interested and coming back to you for more. You want people to value the information that you’re providing, and to consider you an authority in your niche. It is not possible to do this without providing content with some substance, but you also cannot grab their attention without the strategic use of visuals. 

Telling Your Brand’s Story Through Visual Marketing

Choosing the right visual content for your digital marketing campaign can add immense value to what you are saying and can project the image that you want for your brand. You can tell your brand’s story through visuals, and you are more likely to resonate with your audience if you choose the right visual content for the story you are trying to tell. High quality images are more likely to stick in people’s heads than a wordy block of text. The fact is people will initially identify your brand by what they see. 

Choosing the Right Visual Content

The Importance of Visual Content in Digital Marketing

Photo by Chris Yang via Unsplash

Although we’ve discussed how effective visual media can be as opposed to pure text, it is still crucial that you choose the right type of visual content for your campaign, and this is where the importance of knowing your market and your intended audience comes into play. You have to identify which visual format is more likely to resonate with your target group and what are you trying to achieve with your campaign. Consider the following visual formats:

  • Images – help to break up passages of text, reinforce what your text is saying
  • Videos – highly engaging for the consumer, great for product demonstrations & conveying your brand’s ‘personality’, build a rapport with your audience
  • Screenshots – excellent for product descriptions, testimonials, offering ‘behind-the-scenes’ glimpses into your brand and building trust with your audience
  • Infographics – used to convey data & statistics in a visually appealing way

All these visual marketing tools can be used effectively to drive traffic to your website or social media account and generate more meaningful engagement. However, choosing the correct method of delivery for your digital marketing campaign is essential, as it will often determine whether your message sticks with people and stands out in a crowded marketplace.  

The Verdict

When used effectively, the right type of visual content can create instant brand recognition and awareness and will ultimately have a tremendous influence on the types of connections that people make with your brand.  Mastering the use of visual content in your digital marketing will go a long way to ensuring your brand’s longevity and success in what is a competitive marketplace.

As noted earlier, the internet now plays a huge part in most social and business interactions, with the majority of customers first searching the internet when considering the purchase of a new product or service. A strong online presence is essential in the modern business world, and there is no doubt that plenty of well-placed visual content is a vital part of any successful digital marketing campaign.  If you can present information that is visually appealing and convey what your brand is all about through a strategic mix of text and supporting visuals, you are already going to be ahead of the game and giving your business every chance for success.


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Author Bio: This article was written by Ted Murphy of Ted Murphy Photography. Ted has over twenty years’ experience helping businesses develop their brand through high-quality, professional images. Ted has worked with businesses in a wide spectrum of industries, from real estate to financial institutions for marketing purposes.

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