The Importance of Blogging [Infographic]

The very first blog was published back in 1994, by the US freelance journalist Justin Hall. But it was actually four years later, in 1998, when the first blogging platform called Open Diary actually appeared. Later on, WordPress emerged, speeding up the spreading of blogging manifold.

Largely thanks to this popular site managing systems, the entire blogging business has since evolved into everyone having a personal blog that people read or view, thanks to people that film videos, documenting the events of their lives, and naming them ‘vlogs’.

While most of the bloggers nowadays belong to the millennial generation, there are also plenty of blogs run by older and younger generations. And the niches range from pet training to book or movie reviews, to travelling or writing about blogs themselves!

Basically, if you’re interested in something, there’s bound to be a blog where you can read someone else’s opinions or research on the same topic. Even big corporations and companies have employed people to write their blogs. There is a good reason for this as most of the time that people spent online is either spent on social networks or reading up on various blogs.

Furthermore, the blogging platforms have special features like adding photos and videos or linking to other content that is related to the article but on a different website. And it’s been proven time and time again that people love reading content that includes loads of visual media. That means that adding a few images in between your blocks of text is a great way to get more people interested in your blog posts.

Additionally, social media buttons that your readers can use to share your content on other platforms is an added benefit, because research shows that around 32% of readers republish posts on Facebook and 25% of readers republish them on LinkedIn, which equals to an even bigger reach an audience.

Finally, there are plenty of ways to earn your salary through blogging alone, with a great example being HuffPost, which makes up to $14,000,000 per month. So, if you’re more interested in blogging and the interesting details behind it, check out the infographic below.

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