The beginner’s guide to YouTube marketing for small businesses

If you have a small business and are looking for methods to promote it online, then probably you will not find a platform better than YouTube to do the same. YouTube is a very powerful tool for marketing as it is one of the most influential and popular websites to share your content.

According to the statistics, YouTube is being accessed by hundreds of millions of devices from all over the world. 56 countries post their content in over 61 languages. After Google, YouTube is the second largest search engine with 100 hours of videos being uploaded every minute. Each month there are over one billion unique user visits on YouTube. 

Therefore, before undertaking YouTube marketing for your business, you must keep in mind the following points-

Will YouTube marketing be suitable for your business?

Being one of the biggest and the most popular websites in the world and the second-largest search engine after Google, YouTube has the potential to offer a great amount of reach for your business. Since YouTube is such a popular platform, it’s no surprise that there will be a lot of competition as well. Hence, to be successful, you will need to have a strong YouTube marketing plan and upload quality content that will attract users.

Also, YouTube marketing is immensely popular because it is about video and we know that video marketing is the in thing right now. And, YouTube video production is not very difficult or expensive. You can produce quality videos without any substantial investment and with great ease as well. 

So, the final question is, is YouTube right for your business? In most cases, the answer is yes, especially if you are trying to sell something or are into B2B form, YouTube can be very useful in expanding your business in the industry.

Your marketing strategy on YouTube

Marketing on YouTube is like marketing on any other platform, and it begins with the development of a strategy, and the development of strategy begins by defining your goals and objectives. You need to define your targets for what amount of traffic do you want, what is your preferred engagement level and how many subscribers do you aim for in what time frame.

By using a good marketing model, you can achieve your targets and meet your deadlines. Also, it is not only important to create a good strategy, but also measuring your performance. For this, you can establish your key performance indicators to aid in this measurement.

Consistency and Commitment to content 

Just as with a blog, it is important to consistently post new content now and then to gain a wider reach. According to the research, YouTube is watched the most on weekends and in evenings. So, your strategy could be to post your content every week on a Saturday or Sunday during the evening. It is no surprise that some of the most successful YouTubers have a very strict video uploading schedule from which they generally do not deviate.

What kind of marketing videos you can create?

While creating your videos, it is important to keep in mind the audience you are targeting. Some kind of videos that you can create are as follows –

      1. Listicles- This is a very popular video format and you can create listicles that best showcase your products and services.
      2. How-to-videos- These kinds of videos also perform very well as they are informative and provide value to the viewers.
      3. Behind the scenes- The main reason behind the creation of these videos is being more social and connecting with the people by offering them content that will interest them.
      4. Product videos- the perfect kind of videos to market your products and services.
      5. Interviews- Interview videos of experts from your area of business can also attract the viewers and if the experts are promoting your products, it offers credibility in the eyes of the viewers.

Management of your channel 

Once you have a marketing strategy and have created and uploaded your videos, the next step is to manage your YouTube channel properly. This does not only mean responding to the comments on time but also increasing engagement through other ways.

A well-known way for management of your YouTube channel is the automation of the process. For this, you could use tools like Agorapulse, vidIQ, etc.

YouTube video SEO tactics

Creating quality content is no doubt, your topmost priority. But equally important is to optimise your content in order to increase your visibility on the search engines. For this, you should keep in mind the various SEO tactics such as using keywords in the video title, using keywords in the description as well and keeping the descriptions long enough, using video tags, using keywords in the video file name, promoting your videos on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. and trying to gain as many subscribers as you can for your channel. All these tips and tactics will help you to drive greater traffic towards your videos and channel.

Success for YouTube marketing 

If used in the right manner, YouTube will help your business to expand and help you gain potential customers. Therefore, in order to make the most out of YouTube, you should keep in mind the following factors –

    1. Make the right YouTube strategy and make sure you are consistently publishing new content.
    2. Create different kinds of videos keeping in mind the different kinds of audience for a wider reach.
    3. Engage with your subscribers on a regular basis, respond to their comments, solve their queries and understand their criticism in a healthy way.
    4. Use different keywords to attract more and more viewers to your channel.
    5. Use the SEO tips and tricks to optimise your videos and channel.

Thus, if you diligently follow all these steps, you can flourish your small business and attract a wide customer base without spending a lot of money.

Author Bio – Deepak Sharma is the Founder and CEO of – A Best Digital Marketing Agency in Gurgaon for startups. As a serial entrepreneur, Deepak has worked across sectors and countries and loves using technology to solve branding and customer acquisition problems. He is a published author and mentor.

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