Techniques for integrating Instagram with WordPress

WordPress is the most popular CMS that helps to build beautiful and functional websites.  With its vast array of themes and advanced features, WordPress websites provide huge potential to users, which is by far the best than any other virtual online services available.  The most notable feature is the option of integrating your social media feeds with the website built on WordPress. If you want to channelize your Instagram feeds to your website, you can do it easily.

Instagram is a powerful social media platform for sharing photos and build followers which, when combined with WordPress, provides an additional avenue for promoting your Instagram account.  At the same time, you can impress the website audience with your Instagram credentials by highlighting the followers and comments you gather on the platform. Followers and comments are important performance parameters of Instagram that provide social proof and demonstrate the platform’s authority. Comments bear testimony to the business credibility and the trust that the audience reposes on the business. You can buy Instagram comments that are authentic and help to build a quick online reputation. 

Here are some options for integrating Instagram feeds with your WordPress website.

Instagram feeds displayed within WordPress posts

Providing social media buttons on your website is the most fundamental requirement in connecting the website to the social media platforms, but even a better way to display your Instagram feeds on the website is to use an Instagram Feed WD plugin.  On activating the plugin, the Instagram Feed WD tab appears on the dashboard.   Go to the Settings, select the Feeds tab, and click on Add New. Choose between Image browser and Thumbnails, which the two options visible. Give a name to your feed and type the name you want to display. After configuring the settings to your preferences and saving the changes, go to the editor to select the post or page you want to include in the feed. Click on the option Add Media, select your new feed, and click on Insert to check your new feed by using the Preview option.

Use hashtags to display chosen Instagram photos within WordPress

For displaying Instagram photos automatically on a WordPress website, you will need a WordPress Install, and IFTTT account (if this then that) and an Instagram account. Except for the IFTTT, you already have the other parameters available with you. IFTTT helps you to connect several apps through recipes or chains of actions so that any action that you perform on Instagram it would automatically trigger an action on WordPress.  After signing into your new IFTTT account and adding both WordPress and Instagram to it as channels, find a recipe to automate the process of using hashtags to display specific photos in WordPress. 

Integrating Instagram with WordPress will help you leverage social media’s power to bolster your social media presence. The seamless integration will do away with the need for uploading pictures from Instagram to WordPress manually and more efficiently to your marketing campaign.  You will have better control over your social media account by accessing it from WordPress.