Social Sensei Full Review

Transform the way you use Instagram for your business with Social Sensei. This powerful Instagram marketing agency gets you thousands of real followers added to your account each month. Utilizing brilliant algorithms and targeted influencer marketing, Social Sensei helps you build your following by 2,000 to up to 100,000 followers per month. That means big names in the industry will be promoting your brand on their social media accounts to boost your account views without getting your account shadow banned or action blocked by Instagram.

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  • Attract the right audience for your brand

Promotional strategies are planned around your business niche, goals, and target market. After these have been identified, Social Sensei then runs a promotion for your brand on an influencer’s or a celebrity’s page. This promotion will then direct people to your account where they should follow you in exchange for a certain giveaway. Your followers list should grow within a week while that promotion is running.

This is ideal for businesses or brands who want to take their social media presence to the next level without risking their account. Upon sign up, you can choose the demographics of your followers by specifying the market location you want to target. For example, you could indicate whether you’re targeting a US audience or a global audience.  For enterprise plans you could even target by country, age, and gender.

  • Guaranteed account safety

Social Sensei guarantees account safety for all their clients. Once you sign up for their services, Social Sensei will only ask for your Instagram username. They won’t be asking for any other account details such as your password because they don’t need access to your account, so there’s no need to worry about account safety. Also, since promotions are run using Instagram influencer posts, there’s no chance of getting your account shadow banned or action blocked by Instagram for spammy activities or red flagged for breaking Instagram’s terms of service.

Instagram marketing handled by the experts

Social Sensei is a team of Instagram gurus dedicated to helping you create a thriving online community and growing your followers organically. The only thing you’ll need to do is choose your plan and focus on your content. Social Sensei will do all the heavy lifting for you.


  • No free trial

Unlike other marketing agencies, Social Sensei does not offer a free trial for their services. However, Social Sensei does guarantee that if you don’t reach your minimum followers promised they’ll continue working for you to make sure that you reach your promised goal.


Plans start at $299 per month and go up to $999 per month, depending on how many followers you want to gain per month. The larger your plan, the more exposure you’ll get, and the more followers you’ll drive to your account. Each client gets a dedicated account manager for their Instagram accounts and priority customer service as well.

Pricing for Global targeting:

  • Silver Plan at $299 per month with one promotional giveaway for 2,500 to 5,000 new followers.
  • Gold Plan at $499 per month with up to two promotional giveaways for 5,000 to 10,000 new followers.
  • Platinum Plan at $999 per month with up to three promotional giveaways for 15,000 to 20,000 new followers.