Seven of Several Reasons to Use Residential Proxies

Seven of Several Reasons to Use Residential Proxies

The internet is one of the greatest inventions in human history. Its emergence single-handedly ushered us into the digital age and made us witness unprecedented development.

Now, you can get information on almost anything at your fingertips. However, every good thing has downsides. A notable drawback of using the internet is that other parties can access your data.

How safe is the internet for regular internet users, students, and even working-class individuals working remotely? Not very. This is why you need an ally in internet security – residential proxies. 

There are several reasons to use residential proxies. Let’s go over seven of them.

Your Data Remains Private

Data privacy is mainly overlooked because people assume no one cares about their personal information. They believe public figures such as politicians, music superstars, actors, etc. should worry about that.

Sadly, that’s where a lot of people make mistakes. Hackers scour the internet in search of people’s private data, and it sucks to be a victim. When your data privacy is compromised, so is your and your family’s safety.

You should take the privacy of your personal information and preferences seriously. Using residential proxies is the best way to ensure your data is not stolen by hackers or internet fraudsters.

By using a residential proxy, you get a better internet experience. They let you browse what you want while protecting your digital fingerprint.

Say Goodbyes to Lags and Buffers

Every internet user can agree that a slow internet connection sucks. It ruins your browsing experience and can make you lose interest in whatever you’re browsing for the time being.

For example, you’re googling the best residential proxies, and the page takes up to 30 seconds to load. That’s extremely slow. The average page loading speed is 15 seconds, but even that is too long. Most people consider 4-5 seconds max as a reasonable loading time. 

Back to the point. If you’ve been enduring slow internet speeds, residential proxies can help. They compress your digital traffic, eliminate ads, and free up the clutter that can reduce your browsing speed.

With proxies, you can say goodbye to internet lags or buffers.

And, if you are visiting a high-traffic site, proxies can cache the page. This reduces loading times even further.

Complete Anonymity

Browsing anonymously is one of the best things ever. Literally. Usually, when we browse without extra internet security, our IP addresses are exposed. And that’s just one of the many things you have to worry about.

Being anonymous ties to data privacy as well. It will be a nightmare to carry out online transactions. Next thing you know, hackers access your passwords or credit card information. That’s enough to make anyone in their right senses scared of the internet.

However, the average internet user doesn’t have to be scared when using residential proxies. Being anonymous online also enables you to air your views freely without fear of backlash in the real world.

Residential proxies mask your true IP address, keeping you unknown. 

Global Access

When people say browsing with a proxy server gives you an enhanced internet experience, they mean many things. This is one of them. IPs are usually localized, so you won’t get the full view when you surf the net.

Residential proxies give their users access to regional IP addresses from authentic sources worldwide. This feature is referred to as geo-targeting. This makes you a true global citizen when you’re browsing the internet. For instance, Africans browsing the internet with proxies enjoy wider access than they ordinarily would.

This helps if you’re a digital freelancer because you gain a more comprehensive network and can connect with international clients. 

Keeps You One Step Ahead of Geo-Blocking

Have you ever experienced geo-blocking on the internet? No? Then you haven’t been using the internet enough. Geo-blocking means location-based internet restrictions. For example, Nigerian browsing the net can’t access certain websites belonging to countries such as the US.

This also applies when it comes to streaming content. A Nigerian Netflix user cannot stream certain TV shows on Netflix US or Canada. ISPs tend to limit your access and dictate where you can and can’t go.

When you use a geo-targetted residential proxy, all doors on the internet are open. Talk about the VIP internet experience.

Helps you Get Better Deals on Digital Shopping Platforms 

Every time you visit certain websites or eCommerce stores and browse through their catalog, your cookies will be stored. These companies will study your preferences, and over time, they will have valuable insights into your buying behavior.

Now, these websites will use retargeting ads to trigger a purchase from you. Some may even personalize the prices of those products, which will be higher if you tend to check out expensive items.

However, using residential proxies makes you more likely to get better deals and prices on various services or products. This means you will save more money.

Reduces the Likelihood of Getting Blocked on Websites or Social Media

Getting blocked online is a common phenomenon. It’s very likely to occur when there’s frequent traffic to a social media platform from the same IP. This traffic can be interpreted as spam, leading to such a user being blocked.

However, this can only happen to users who browse the internet without internet security. A single user will have multiple IPs when residential proxies come into the picture. Secondly, there will be space in traffic or data flow. All of these will ensure that getting blocked on social media doesn’t happen.

Final Thoughts

Residential proxies are your go-to solution if you want a better internet experience. Being on the receiving end of limited bandwidths, lags, geo-blocking, or localized access sucks. And these are only a few of the several reasons to use residential proxies.

These proxy servers are more secure than data center proxies while also having more applications. Also, they’re more effective when web scraping. With that said, it’s clear that residential proxies offer their users premium value. This makes their price a fair bargain for the value they give. Just be wary of any so-called free proxies. You end up paying, one way or another.

We encourage you to spend a few bucks to get high-quality residential proxies and enjoy a top-tier internet experience.