Seven eCommerce Conversion Rate Hacks to Boost Your Sales in 2021

Seven eCommerce Conversion Rate Hacks to Boost Your Sales in 2021

eCommerce conversion rates are an accurate indication of how successful an online marketing strategy is for a business. 

Many optimization techniques will make your business stand out from the millions of web pages competing for a similar audience and help your search engine rank to bring more customers to your website. However, turning this into a competitive conversion rate that will ensure your business’s success is a whole new challenge.

If your web page has a healthy amount of online traffic, these eCommerce conversion rate hacks will help you turn site visits into boosted sales. Having an attractive and proactive online presence to entice customers into a sale is a must to build a prosperous business. 

Here we have some helpful tips for struggling entrepreneurs and businesses on optimizing their website for an improved conversion rate to boost sales. 

What is a conversion rate?

Before we jump into discussing eCommerce tips, let’s define a conversion rate and figure out why it is so important. 

A conversion rate is the number of website visitors that convert (purchase a product or service) out of the total number of website visitors. Conversion rates reflect the ROI of your marketing efforts. 

Conversion rate optimization matters a lot to an eCommerce business because it allows you to decrease your costs on customer acquisition as you get more value from customers you already have. 

Seven eCommerce conversion rate hacks to boost your sales

Now let’s see how you can optimize your conversion rates and grow your business with these actionable tips. 

Implementing video content

Having a video marketing strategy for your business with a clear goal is an excellent way to boost sales. Video marketing may seem costly at first, but it is a solid eCommerce investment and will pay off when your conversion rates improve.

Alternatively, a video can be self-made using modern-day technology such as smartphones and online video-editing software. A video will also improve your business brand status and draw the attention of search engine algorithms to improve your SERP results.

Adopting social listening

It is vital to know how your business is perceived online and secure a positive relationship with your target audience. If customers feel you ignore their voices, they will further vent their frustration and dissatisfaction. This can damage your online brand, business reputation, and customer relations.

Social listening is a great way to improve your overall connection with your online audience and business brand appeal, leading to boosted sales. Utilizing online software and apps to monitor your brand, competition, audience, and industry to ensure you can seize every opportunity to satisfy customers is vital to improving your conversion rate.

Optimizing your homepage

A homepage is the first page a visitor sees when coming across your website. The way you optimize your eCommerce homepage impacts the first impression of your brand. Naturally, it also impacts the conversion rates. 

There are a few methods you can employ to make your homepage deliver more conversions:

  • A noticeable and engaging call-to-action button. 
  • Content that gives a sneak peek into the main features of your product. 
  • Uses cases that prove your product’s viability. 
  • Visual content that makes your homepage more interactive. 
  • Customer testimonials that add social proof/ 

Remember, you don’t have to stuff your homepage with information to boost conversions. Instead, focus on your target buyer’s needs and analyze the information they might need at the awareness stage of the sales funnel. 

Choosing the best platform

A business may have a solid online presence and use all the right SEO techniques; however, it might all go to waste if it is not displayed on the correct platform. 

Choosing the best eCommerce platform for your business can take time and research, taking in all factors to help boost your sales; however, the improved conversion rate results are undeniable. 

The platform needs to suit your business size, the industry you are in and, most importantly, the needs of your target audience. A platform’s interface also matters, including the ease of use, ongoing cost, flexibility, and customer support services. If you find the optimal platform for your business, you will soon see improvements to your conversion rates, leading to boosted sales.

Employing visual content

If you don’t have any visual content as a part of your eCommerce marketing strategy, you need to introduce it ASAP. Visual content marketing has become the most important factor in a business’s online identity to boost sales. 

Photos, videos, and Gifs are visual content that can improve conversion rates immediately. They are easily shareable and can quickly spread through the internet, building brand awareness. Implementing quality visual content is non-negotiable for any business that wishes to have successful eCommerce outcomes.

Tapping into social media platforms

Social media undoubtedly plays an important role in optimizing and increasing conversion rates. It helps you connect with your audience and understand its needs better. Besides, you can immediately follow up with your prospects. 

Social media heavily relies on visual content, and we’ve already figured out its importance for conversion rates. Take Instagram marketing, for example. A properly developed Instagram marketing strategy can help you target a very niche audience and nurture them all the way to purchasing your product using engaging and informative visuals. 

Making product information more need-based

Product information is crucial to engage customers and entice a sale. However, it becomes detrimental to conversion rates when it is spread across many platforms with mixed messaging and contrasting content. Sometimes eCommerce strategies try too hard and put too much content online to a point where it becomes messy and confusing.

Product information management (PIM) streamlines all your product information to create a complete and consistent pitch to your audience. A clear and concise message of what your product is and the purpose it serves makes it more likely for a viewer to make a purchase, leading to boosted sales.

Creating an eCommerce FAQ’s page

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) pages can be a little cringeworthy and maybe not the most appealing content on a web page; however, if a customer is reading your FAQ it usually means they are seriously considering a purchase. It is for this reason that all businesses should create a high-performing eCommerce FAQ page.

A FAQ page is a chance to convince your audience to buy your product, improving your conversion rate, ultimately boosting sales. Think of it as if the question is being asked to you in an in-store, in-person scenario. Be nice, be professional, be confident; after all, your FAQ page is there to boost your sales.

Using referral software tools

A referral from a peer is still far more effective than advertising. There is trust about a word-of-mouth referral that businesses could never replicate; however, a company can promote and encourage the act of referring to help boost sales.

Finding the best referral software for your business may take some research and have a cost attached to it, but the reward is improved traffic and an enhanced conversion rate. In addition, your business brand will be spread to attract an untapped audience, and it also encourages returning customers, which will enhance brand reputation.

Improve eCommerce conversion rates to boost your sales

These eCommerce conversion rate hacks are an excellent way to grow your business and can be the difference between failure and success. So don’t wait; implement these seven eCommerce conversion rate hacks to boost your sales in 2021 today!