SEO and Web Design: How to Design an SEO Friendly Website

SEO and Web Design: How to Design an SEO Friendly Website

It is already easy to make a website today. Thanks to modern technologies, anyone can create their project on the Internet without special knowledge and even start filling it with helpful content. However, it is no longer enough to make a website. It needs to be designed in a way that is both search engine friendly and SEO friendly. 

This will allow the site to become competitive, promote well, gain traffic and monetize easily. In this article, we will talk about how to build a website for SEO. You will find out what stages the project must go through to be suitable for promotion in search engines.

Why is it better to contact an SEO agency to promote your site on the Internet?

Online promotion will help to tell the audience about your company that allows you to find new buyers. With clever work, the web resource will enter the TOP results for search queries. It will increase the website’s traffic and coverage. Therefore, the mobile app development company will help you become competitive and be able to win the trust of customers. 

There is no need to expect an instant effect from website promotion. An SEO agency will help implement complex work, including organizational, technical, and analytical measures. The first results can be evaluated only after two to three months. There are times when you manage to achieve rapid success, but this is an exception to the rule. Website promotion is a long process. It requires deep analysis, constant communication with the target audience, and daily monitoring of competitors.

Choice of topics

Your success and earnings on the site depend on the choice of a niche. Therefore, the greatest attention should be paid to this aspect when starting to build a website. Do not be lazy. Approach this step with responsibility so that in the future, your site will please you with earnings.

Ideally, it is better to make a site – with a commercial and non-competitive niche. There are still such narrow niches, but they are difficult to find. In very competitive niches, you must always be on the alert and constantly monitor your competitors. Where there is a lot of money, there is a struggle, which is not always fair and brutal. If you are thinking of selling a product through your site, then decide that it will be interesting to read the target audience of this product. For example, if you are selling training on gardening, then make a website on the topic of a vegetable garden. The main problem is that you need to choose a site subject once for all. This will not be possible to change in the future.

Distribute responsibilities

It is rather tricky and time-consuming to create websites alone, so it is mainly collective work today. A whole team is working on its creation. Everyone has his or her role, responsibilities, and individual requirements. It is good when you have your own company that deals with a wide range of services – creating and supporting web projects.

If you are not alone in the project and have a team, determine the responsibilities. The main areas of work are as follows:

  • Content creation and publication.
  • Website promotion and advertising activities.
  • Ensuring the technical excellence of the site.

Conduct a competitor analysis and marketing research

Now you need to analyze similar sites. Use Google search engine to find them. You need to assess the advantages and disadvantages of competing sites, remove these shortcomings from your project, and strengthen the advantages. Thus, you will understand which way those who have already chosen your path went, what obstacles arose on their way, and how they overcame them.

Analyzing a competitor’s website for free is half the battle. It is crucial to be able to use the information received correctly. First, you need to record and organize the data that was received. Then build a path for further work and improvements on your site. It is best to use several competitors’ sites from the top ten search results for a more objective assessment.

It is advisable to back up the creation of a site for SEO with marketing research. This will allow you to correctly identify the target audience and determine what methods you can use to win and attract them. It is like recognizing the enemy by sight and understanding his weaknesses.

Create Semantic kernel

The semantic core is a set of words and phrases that reflect the subject matter and structure of the site. Semantics is a branch of linguistics that studies the semantic content of language units. Remember this line. It will not let you slip into keyword stuffing.

Composing the semantic core, you answer the global question: what information can be found on the site. Since one of the main principles of business and marketing is customer focus, you can look at the creation of the semantic core from the other side. It would help if you determined which users use search terms to search for information published on the site. In case these users are from countries that don’t speak your language, consider using certified translation services that will make their experience more familiar. Semantic translation of your website helps you grow globally and it is definitely worth the money. 

The construction of a semantic core solves another problem. We are talking about the distribution of search phrases across the pages of the resource. By working with the engine, you determine which page is the most accurate for a particular search query or group of queries. 

Develop a site structure

The correct site structure is a system of site pages arranged according to a formed logical scheme. The structure can be designated as a hierarchy of all site pages belonging to one or another directories and folders. When forming the structure, it is worth understanding the desires of potential visitors, what they will be looking for, and what information they are interested in. The structure of the site is the way the user receives the requested information. The better the structure is built, the better for you and your clients. It is easier for visitors to find information of interest and move from one page to another. Search engines analyze the structure of the site in their way. They take into account the structure of the site’s URL. Structure refers to planning the following:

  • Categories on the site and their nesting levels;
  • Navigation menu and its location;
  • Additional navigation elements such as sitemaps, search forms;
  • The ability to make an online payment, if required;
  • The need for users to register on the site;
  • etc.

Choose a website prototype and design

It is possible to create a website quickly, without a prototype and design, but only if you specifically know what you want or completely trust the programmer’s result. He can put together the site the way he sees it or leaves it alone. Are you ready for this result? Then forget about the prototype and design. Suppose you have a clear understanding of the result. In that case, it must be formalized into a prototype or the next plan of the project.

There are thousands of ready-made designs for WordPress, but not so many of them are well suited for website promotion. Choose a website design that meets the following requirements:

  • The site is responsive ( learn more about responsive web design here) and cross-browser;
  • It loads quickly, even on slow internet connections;
  • Beautiful and pleasing to the eye;
  • Convenient and understandable;
  • Has wide settings;
  • Does not contain any malicious codes. Instead you can choose low-code development platforms for a better website experience. 

Choose a domain name and hosting

The domain name must also be chosen for the last time since changing it will negatively affect the promotion. A domain is a unique website address where it can be found. The domain should be easy to remember, be similar to the site’s theme. It should not have belonged to another owner before.

The choice of hosting should be approached as carefully and competently as choosing a domain since it will be undesirable to change hosting in the future. Hosting is the place where your site will be stored. It must be at an affordable price, ensure the constant security and availability of the site, and have the necessary parameters and capabilities for the normal operation of the site.

Security certificate 

Once you have decided on a domain and hosting, it is time to move on to setting up HTTPS. It is best to develop a site on this protocol immediately then transfer it from HTTP and catch bugs that could occur during the transfer. There are some different types of SSL certificates. Still, the free Let’s Encrypt is enough for common corporate or informational sites. It’s only drawback is that it will have to be renewed every three months, but this process can be automated. All new sites should be created on HTTPS – consider this a straightforward rule.


The main thing in creating a website for SEO is client respect. If the clients feel that you care about the product you built and their business, they can most likely order something else. Alternatively, you can package everything described above into a service package and sell separately as “initial site optimization.” How to proceed depends on you. Our task is to tell you what should be on the new site to be considered SEO-oriented.

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