Seasonal Adjustments in Google Ads | Use the Potential of Sales

Are you preparing a sale in your store, or maybe you want to launch a weekend promotion? If you’re just wondering what to do to maximize sales during this time, we’ve got something for you. A few months ago, Google Ads introduced a completely new option – seasonal adjustments. Learn how to use them and what other possibilities the panel provides for the duration of the promotion!

Automation – Google Ads with the Times

There is no need to talk about the fact that Google on all fronts is trying to adapt to users and make the use of its services as comfortable as possible. Just look at the constant changes in the Google Ads panel and adding new options. One of them is the previously mentioned seasonal adjustments. Undoubtedly, it is easier, especially for companies that very often introduce promotions to the store and tempt with bargain prices of their customers.

What is a Seasonal Correction?

Seasonal correction is a Google Ads platform tool that can be used with intelligent bidding. With it, you can add information about changes in conversion rates related to promotions. Keep in mind, however, that seasonal adjustment options are only available for search, Display Network, and Shopping campaigns. These types of campaigns are used most often, so you will definitely have the opportunity and opportunity to test this option during the next promotion.

When should you use Seasonal Adjustments?

It is certainly not a tool that you will use 365 days a year. It’s best to be tempted by this option when you enter occasional events lasting from 1 to 7 days. Adjustments over longer periods may not produce the expected results. They work best during short and large changes in the behaviour of your recipients.

How does Seasonal Adjustment work?

Seasonal adjustments work based on a conversion rate adjustment. You set it when creating a correction, taking into account the estimated changes caused by your upcoming promotion.

EXAMPLE. If you’re planning a weekend promotion and expect a 50% increase in conversions, plan a seasonal adjustment that will increase your conversion rate by up to 50% during the weekend. When the set period is over, the bidding settings will return to their previous parameters.

How to create a Seasonal Correction in the Google Ads Panel?

Creating seasonal adjustments is very easy. You don’t need any technical skills for this. Here are a few steps that will bring you closer to increasing sales during promotional campaigns:

  1. We log in to the Google Ads account;
  2. Then in the upper right corner click on “Tools and settings”;
  3. From the “Common resources” column, select “Bid strategies”;
  4. The “Advanced Features” will appear in the left panel. We go into them and at the moment we are in the seasonal corrections department;
  5. To create a new seasonal correction, simply press the plus symbol in the blue circle;
  6. A form with information to fill out will appear. We supplement the name, duration of the event and the scope of our promotion;
  7. Finally, we set the conversion rate based on estimated, expected sales changes related to the promotion;
  8. We save and it’s ready!

Your correction will start at the time of the promotion. The Google Ads system will try to customize your campaign in such a way that you get the best sales results during this period.

Seasonal Adjustments and the biggest Promotions of the Year

Black Friday, summer sales or maybe pre-Christmas promotions? If you want to fight for customers during the biggest promotional events of the year, you should consider applying seasonal adjustments in Google Ads. The system will adjust the rates accordingly so that you achieve the intended conversions during the action. You should not lag behind the competition. It is during seasonal sales that the highest sales are recorded in a year, and you can use Google Ads to increase it further.

Is Promoting the Products Worthwhile During the Promotion?

Although many people are convinced that it is not profitable to promote sales, especially short sales, it is worth considering why? Creating ads for promotional campaigns does not take much time and does not require much effort. Just change the header, set the date of the promotion, and the rest of the settings remain the same. Remember that companies that do not use Google Ads cannot provide information about specific offers in Google results while maintaining control over them. It’s possible with Google Ads!

Opportunities to Promote short offers in Google Ads

Google Ads enables advertisers to promote their products and services on time. The panel contains ad schedules, which allows you to plan your marketing campaigns thoroughly before the promotion starts. You can change the campaign end date at any time. If you’ve set up a separate ad group for your promotion, make sure you pause or disable it in good time.

Countdown to the end of the Promotion

An interesting feature that we can use during the promotion is the automatic countdown of days to its end, displayed in the headline of the ad. How it’s working? By using this option, we can get the customer to make a purchasing decision as soon as possible. The ad text displays the message of how much time is left until the end of the special offer, e.g. the promotion lasts for 2 days.

How to Prepare a Countdown Ad?

It is very easy. Just enter one formula when creating ads. To make the day counter appear in our ads, start entering the ad headline or text by opening the curly brace “{“. At this point, a menu will appear with options to choose from. One of them will be the “countdown”.

When you choose it, you’ll see a small box with settings that need to be adjusted to the given promotion. Just set the duration of the discounts and the time zone. Setting the countdown takes just a moment. However, it is worth remembering that the command will enter into our header only the time, e.g. 2 days, 10 minutes. So pay attention to choosing the right words in front of the counter so that they are universal and that their forms match both the time expressed in days and in minutes.

Customer Mobilization in Action

Countdown in advertising is a very good way to mobilize our customers to act. A simple message that indicates the time remaining to take advantage of this unique promotion will definitely encourage customers to visit the site and become familiar with the offer during the discount. It’s also a great way to opt for SEO services in Pakistan to stand out from your competition. Information about the promotion will definitely attract the attention of your potential customers and will make them more likely to direct you to your website.

Promoting promotional campaigns in Google Ads is a very popular phenomenon and many stores use the platform’s capabilities in this area, dragging customers to their website. Promotional campaigns do not involve much extra effort, especially if you are already running Google Ads. So take advantage of the potential that lies dormant in promotional ads and enjoy the great effects during the sale!