Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud - How it can Enhance your Sales

Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud – How it can Enhance your Sales

In today’s era of Digitalization, Cloud computing, and e-commerce, the essence of perpetual growth for every successful organization is the incessant evolution of planning and implementation of effective marketing and sales strategies. 

Today, we have billions of people who search for the intended services and products on the internet. 

This shows that every enterprise that is keen to prosper and grow must have exceptional products and services along with a robust digital presence on the internet to delight the customers. 

People look for a tool that can handle their functions such as sales and marketing while enhancing the experience of the customers.

This is where Salesforce Commerce Cloud comes into the picture. It is an undisputed leader in CRM (customer relationship management) services, capabilities, and products, especially when it comes to scalability, flexibility, agility, and operations. 

Salesforce commerce cloud is not just an online platform, but a tool with wholesome features and capabilities to transform your business. 

It’s a feature-rich, comprehensive, and cloud-based e-commerce platform that allows organizations to act intelligently and provide a highly personalized consumer experience across all channels such as web, mobile, store, cultural, and so forth. 

What is Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud?

Salesforce B2C e-commerce solution is a wonderful tool that helps organizations to increase conversions across all digital channels. 

It is a flexible digital commerce platform, that simplifies the way organizations develop, launch, and manage multiple sites via a unified system.

Let’s understand it with the following scenario: you have opened an e-commerce website in India, Japan, and the United States, and you wish to offer your services and goods in several other countries. 

In this scenario, ideally, you would need a distinct website for each country, right? 

But with Salesforce B2C Commerce, you will be able to manage and operate all of your websites from a unified interface with the bare minimum of cost and configuration constraints. 

Salesforce B2C Commerce supports multiple locales and languages, which allows you to perform this function without any hassle.

Important Features of Salesforce B2C commerce Cloud to drive sales

The Salesforce B2C commerce cloud offers a plethora of capabilities, which can enhance your e-commerce business, and enables it to improve sales prospects.

  • AI-Powered Personalized Customer Experience – 

The Einstein AI allows you to increase the AOV (average order value) of your orders. 

It selectively displays new goods while also raising an alert for slow-moving goods on the shelves. As per Salesforce, enterprises can avail a healthy 26% increase in AOV when their consumers click on suggestions powered by Einstein AI.

  • Einstein Predictive Sort – 

Nowadays B2B and B2C buyers are becoming more habituated to perform their purchasing via their smartphones, but their experiences are hardly as personalized as when they make a purchase using their desktop computers. 

Einstein AI-powered Predictive Sort offers precise product recommendations and a highly personalized experience to mobile clients.

  • State-of-the-Art Marketing Tools – 

Salesforce development company offers some exceptional marketing tools for brand marketers, merchants, and content creators. 

They can utilize these tools to develop and nurture their brand recognition, loyalty, and acceptance among their customers. These tools help them to pitch the right product to an appropriate buyer at the right locations and times. 

It improves the conversion rates and sales to the maximum levels possible.

  • Split testing and A/B testing – 

Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud allows its users to perform Split salesforce testing or A/B testing without having any past technical ability to understand what would suit their target audience and what would not. 

This enables them to design, launch, and manage their product campaigns.

  • Open Customization – 

This platform offers you the ability to build a unified and personalized consumer experience. 

It incorporates a flexible checkout procedure, which includes a wide range of payment methods, that allows customers to finish their payment transaction with a single touch.

Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud Benefits for Businesses

Businesses can avail numerous benefits of Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud in eCommerce to gain exponential growth and edge out their competitors. 

Here we have listed some significant benefits of the B2C commerce cloud that you must be aware of.

Scalability – Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud is capable of dealing with unprecedented traffic spikes and high user demands without any prior preparation. The platform ensures any rapid rise in demand is handled automatically and discreetly without any requirement for human intervention.

Seamless upgrades – As it is a SaaS (software-as-a-service) platform, it is always kept on incorporating new features and functionalities. These upgrades can be performed without having any technological action from your end. It offers a fully functional admin panel, where you can view the latest functionalities and upgrade your tools. 

A Suite of Cloud Services – As B2C Commerce Cloud is a part of the Salesforce family, it allows you to integrate a plethora of marketing SaaS services and CRM features into your solution set without any hassles.

A precise Product Roadmap – The B2C Commerce Cloud provides a precise and effective Product Roadmap for your business. It enables you to stay focused on using the solution’s functionalities and features to enhance sales and site traffic within the B2C marketplace.

Internationalization of Storefronts – It allows you to manage multiple storefronts at various locations across the world using a unified back-end platform. ‍ It enables organizations to control their product data sets for multiple storefronts with ease, as well as manage other subtleties such as pricing, product availability, invoicing, and so on.

Seamless Possibilities for Sales – For any business, the out-of-stocks (OOS) situation is counter-productive, and it led to a loss of approximately $1 trillion in sales annually.  If the shelves aren’t refilled with the products your consumers are looking for, they may just walk out and visit your competitors – both in-person and on the internet.

Salesforce B2C Commerce offers an innovative add-on, Endless Aisle. It is designed to decrease potential sales lost due to out-of-stock situations by connecting digital and in-store encounters. It ensures your customers can place an order for a product that is currently out of stock and have them picked up in-store at another time or delivered straight to their homes.

Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud – Final Words 

E-commerce and other online businesses are expanding at an astonishing pace around the world. Enterprises and Customers are increasingly wanting an immersive and connected purchasing experience that can cater to their needs irrespective of the size of transactions they are committing.

Salesforce B2C Commerce cloud comes as a big boon, as it offers not just a robust CRM but also enables enterprises to realize their complete potential. Its artificial intelligence-enabled CRM, mobile-friendly design, personalized product suggestions, and AI-guided search results, all can contribute to a highly customized customer experience, that in turn boosts your sales exponentially. 

About the Author-
Gourav Sharma is a Digital Marketing Strategist at Arka Softwares, a leading mobile app development company. He has 4 years of experience in the Information Technology industry. He spends his time reading about new trends in Digital Marketing and the latest app development technologies.