Researching Cloud Software For Your Marketing Business

Researching Cloud Software For Your Marketing Business

Helping your clients reach their potential customers means you need the right tools to make your task easier. Finding ones that allow each member of your staff to use them at the same time is vital to stay ahead of the competition. There are multiple programs on the market that simplify and organize your campaigns, whether it be through your email, social media, or website. Here are a few cloud based software options for your marketing business. 

Marketing Campaign Tools

Keeping track of each aspect of your marketing campaign can be difficult if you are using physical notes and files.  This can be near impossible when there is more than one plan to deal with. When you work with a program like, Venedash, Mayple, or Marketing Creatio, you can organize this data and give yourself a dashboard to study so that you can follow the status of each advertisement you are executing. The cloud cost optimization makes this an affordable method to keep everything in your department together from your calendar to the response from your clients. Since it is based from an offsite server, each member of your team can access this software wherever they are, including when they are presenting it to a prospective customer. This tool can make your job and that of your staff simpler to do, which lets you focus on building a better campaign for your company. 

Software That Sends Emails

When you want to explain an upcoming sale or introduce a new product that is being released onto the market, an email might be the best route to go. Getting these addresses assembled into one database then maintaining them is something your staff might be less than equipped to handle. Getting a program like Mailerlite or Active Trail can help you write one of these messages and add brilliant graphics. They can assist you in creating a call to action as well as link the content to your website or to a page that holds more information for your potential client. It will track how many pieces of mail that were opened as well as the number of clicks that led the reader to another site. 

Reaching Your Customers On Social Media

Advertising on social media can reach an audience far larger than you had an opportunity to work with before. However, due to the number of platforms now available on the market, it can be a challenge to utilize them all in the best possible way. Software products such as cision can assist you in composing, scheduling, and posting the content you need to draw the public’s attention. They can guide you to the best hours of the day to reach your target demographic and can provide you with quality graphics to catch their eye long enough to read what you have written to them. Their dashboard reports the response each entry has received and the number of followers that you have gained. You can compile this information to determine how best to focus your marketing dollars as you move toward. 

Website Software

Your website is your primary online marketing tool. It is the one place where a potential customer can find you, learn about what your company does, and reach out to you if they have questions. Having an attractive site that moves from page to page quickly while being easy to operate can be the first step to gaining this consumer’s business, especially if you host an e-commerce store on it as well. Cloud based programs such as thrivehive and HubSpot can help you build a webpage that best reflects your organization. They provide templates to work with, the coding to create a pop up, and forms to gather a visitor’s information. T

hese software units can also compile this data into one place for your staff to find and utilize when they want to contact these prospects. In the event that a purchase was made, it can monitor what your best selling products are so that you know what to have a sale on and what you should profile in your next advertisement. 

Programs That Send Texts For You

When your client is away from home, it can be a challenge to reach them to share your latest sale or news. However, they will most likely pause what they are doing to check a text message on their phone. Cloud marketing software such as Textedly is designed to send these automated notes to all of your customers at the same time. They can be sent with emojis as well as words and can be scheduled to a specific time during the day when the person receiving it is the most receptive. It will also report how many individuals clicked on the link when it arrived and the number that swiped to delete it. Its dashboard can be viewed in real time by each staff member who is considering using this service or who might be composing what is being said.

A New Way to Collaborate With Each Other

Having a productive department is essential to the success of your marketing company. Giving your staff the right tools can help them collaborate and network with each other as they complete their projects. Many software packages, such as Wrike, offer calendars that can coordinate everyone’s schedules in the event that an employee is needed but may be in a meeting. They can also message back and forth to gather ideas or to set up times to work together. Having this program on the cloud allows each member of the group to utilize it from anywhere they may be, whether it would be their home, the office, or with a client. It gives the individual members of your office access to this database of information anytime of the day whether they are on-site or away from the facility. 

When you make your job easier as you work with the clients of your marketing business, you can devote more time to fine-tuning the campaign that you designed for them. Using cloud based programs allows you to streamline the messages that you send so you can see success quicker, which will make your customers happy.