Redefining Influencer Marketing With Instagram’s Brand New Shoppable Content

Your perpetual query about an influencer program’s ROI finally has an answer. Instagram plans to roll out a new shopping feature, hailing from its creators. It will provide you with an ability to buy items from businesses that influencers tag in their post sans leaving IG. 

Currently, only top-performing IG creators like Vogue, Kardashians and GQ can access this feature. But, if it expands, it can redefine social media marketing. As of now, chosen influencers can only use the tool for select brands like MAC, Adidas, and so on. 

They are a part of IG’s beta checkout feature. The new shopping modality has both featured brands and influencers accessing posts analytics

  • Its impact on your e-commerce brand will be huge as you can optimize your user experience. 
  • The current interaction procedure is quite complicated. With the shoppable feature, the influencer doesn’t need to screenshot the picture of the, save it to your camera and navigate the website to find it. 
  • Influencers can now propel someone to buy something with just a few taps or clicks.
  • Both bands and influencers will make more money. Experts predict that celebs can quickly identify numerous means to monetize this superb feature.
  • Potentially, they can turn any shoppable post into a viable affiliate program in association with brands they feature in their posts. 
  • Brands will add a direct response stream to their marketing plan, which can open the floodgates for a new revenue source for companies and provide cutting-edge analytics data.  

Exploring the features

Concisely, IG Shopping features give brands the bandwidth to share their products through stories, organic posts, or the search and explore tool. You no longer have to hunt for likes in sites like

  • The most noteworthy IG shopping features are shoppable stories, product tags, native payments, shoppable explore feed and shopping button on business accounts.
  • From a time when IG impeded brands from achieving e-commerce viability on the platform to the present day when businesses are clamouring and lining up to use Instagram Shopping, you know the giant leap that has taken place. 
  • The fact that out of the billion IG users, 80% have a business account, it alone testifies the commercial viability of ‘shoppable’ IG feature.
  • Influencer marketing has transformed IG into a shopping haven. Its visual platform is perfect for shopping. 

The most prominent features are shopping tab on business accounts, collection tab to preserve tagged products, shopping channel in the explore tab, and shopping news feed videos and shoppable IG product stickers or tags.

Do know the hiccups

Instagram Shopping hit the scene last year, but it has evolved with time. Just a few months after rolling the dice, IG opened up the scope to purchase items through its temporary stories service. 

  • Though IG is bolstering brands to engage more audiences, exposing the apparatus to influencers could open a Pandora’s Box. 
  • The challenges could be about sponsoring shoppable content and labelling it on the site. 
  • Although the app entails its own sponsored template, some creators do imbibe different methods.

Using hashtags like #spon or #ad to signpost while getting a paid service or product is an example. It’s difficult for regulators to monitor such diversifications. 

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